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27 Cool DIY Projects For Teen Girls

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Looking for some cool DIY projects for teen girls? If you want some cool DIY projects to try and share with your friends, then these easy crafts are for you. Get crafting today!

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DIY Projects for Teen Girls to Try Today

A Roundup of DIY Projects for Teens They'll Love

My teen girl has recently been very crafty. She's been looking for craft projects to work on and I think it's great.

I just love it when she gets involved in crafts and gets her creative juices flowing. She even had some friends over to work on some easy DIY crafts together.

So if you're also looking for something to tinker on this weekend or any time of the week, I've rounded up a list of cool DIY projects any teen girl will love.

1. Tulle Frame Jewelry Holder


Get all your jewelry organized with this easy to make DIY jewelry holder. It is super simple and it also makes a great decor piece for your girl's room.

2. DIY Bath Bombs


A great DIY gift idea or if you just want to make some for a relaxing bath. These DIY bath bombs are always a hit for both teenage and adult ladies alike.

3. Scrapbook Ideas


While IG may have rendered scrapbooks uninteresting, it is making a comeback in craft junkie millennials. Start your own scrapbook with these fresh and fun ideas you can try.

4. DIY Picture Frame with Mosaic Tiles


Grab some beads and design your own cool DIY picture frame. You teens may not be into scrapbooks much, but a teenage room without picture frames just won't do.

5. DIY Stamped Washer Necklaces


Try your skills in a little stamping project and make these cute DIY necklaces. Nothing says personal than your choice of figures etched on your jewelry pieces.

6. DIY Glitter Globe


This time, make your snow globe shiny and glittery with some mason jars. It doesn't always have to be a snow globe, you know!

7. DIY Wind Chimes


Make wind chimes from repurposed items to other cool things you can get your hands on. These cool ideas are so fab, your teens will end up making more.

8. DIY Paper Mache Bowl


Recycle some paper into a cute little paper mache bowl. Don't forget what design to add!

9. Fat Quarter Throw Pillow


Want to know how to make your own pillows? This easy sewing tutorial will show you how.

10. Hidden Book Storage DIY


Need a place to stash your diary or other stuff? Here's a hidden storage idea disguised as old books.

11. DIY Flower Crown


Snapchat flower crown filter is popular with teens so I have a feeling this real one they can DIY, will be, too. Make this when you just want to feel like a flower princess or just because you want to.

12. DIY Painted Feathers


Paint some plain feathers into colorful works of art. It will work great with other craft projects you can work on.

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13. Felt Ball Crafts


Of course, you know there are just so many craft projects you can make with felt balls. But, I bet you don't know all of these fantastic ideas, so help yourself to them now.

14. DIY Shell Ring Dish


Want a stylish ring catcher you can DIY? Try making this shell ring dish with this tutorial.

15. Cool Headphone Cover


If you’re looking for a cool DIY project with only a couple of minutes to spare, then this is the one for you. Make your headphone unique by adding some color and a little personality to it.

16. Flower Applique Pillow


Create a pillow with a cool 3D effect by following this easy DIY tutorial to the letter. Well, you can add some of your ideas, of course, like a different color perhaps.

17. Mason Jar Thankfulness Jar


A super easy mason jar craft project to have you thankful every day. This should make a fantastic DIY project for Thanksgiving, indeed.

18. Polaroid Frame


Treasure your memories by making this DIY Polaroid frame. It will outlast your girl's teenage years for sure.

19. Ice Cream Cone Flats


Bored with your plain flats? Make them appealing by adding this DIY ice cream cone accent.

20. DIY Hanging Clipboard Art


Make a DIY wall art you can change anytime you want. For an easily-bored teenage girl, no decor can be any more perfect.

21. DIY String Art Ideas


Take your pick on which string art project you'll work on. Any, one of these will be perfect.

22. DIY Tote Bags


An easy sewing project you can make in less than an hour. Start making your personalized tote bag with this tutorial.

23. DIY Beaded Bracelets


You won't run out of ideas with this list of DIY beaded bracelets. They would be so fun to make.

24. Instagram Wall Art


Grab your photos and start making your very own Instagram wall art. Definitely one DIY project your girls will be delighted about.

25. DIY Tops and Blouses


You or your teen need not break the bank to achieve your OOTD goals. Make your own outfit-of-the-day with this list of tops and blouses you can make.

26. DIY Necklaces


Love necklaces? Add more items to your collection with this collection of stunning DIY necklaces.

27. DIY Flip Flops


Besides DIY clothing, you can also DIY your footwear, or at least give them a whole new look. Personalize your flip flops with this easy tutorial.

Looking for more? This video from Gillian Bower will show you ten teenage girl room hacks you will love:

There you have it, DIY junkie mommies and teens! Fantastic DIY projects for teen girls you can do with your spare time. Show and share your creativity with the world down on the comments section or on your IG!

Excited to work on one of these DIY projects for teens? Which one? Tell us all about it in the comments section below! 

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on January 29, 2016, and has been updated for quality and relevancy.


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