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Craft Organization

Tips for Crafting with Burlap | Burlap Crafts [INFOGRAPHIC]

Tips & Tricks for Burlap Crafts From stenciled placemats to elaborate wreaths, there is a plethora of awesome burlap crafts and projects. Some projects are easier to complete than others, but every crafter struggles with the fraying and mess of working with burlap, as well as its care after the crafting is complete. This infographic from gives detailed tips to make …Continue Reading

DIY Jewelry Holder Ideas

Proud jewelry owners put a lot of effort into organizing their valuables. After all, they need to prevent the mess and entanglement that can happen in an instant. However, many women don’t realize that there is a way to both eliminate the ordeal of searching for the right piece and to use their jewelry to enhance their interior décor. So, instead of stacking it in drawers, …Continue Reading

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