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Learn to make a Rit Dye Pillow

Rit Dye Pillow? I know the term is not one you hear very often, but once again Taryn Whiteaker brings us another one of her creative designs. Check it out below! Creative Dyed Pillow Taryn was inspired by some Shibori pillows she saw online, and since she wanted to create a unique look she took matters into her own hands. She used Rit blue rit dye for the colors. The results …Continue Reading

How To Paint Wood Furniture

It doesn’t take a genius to know how to paint wood furniture. You can easily learn it so you can instantly repair and revive your furniture. If you want to give your furniture and interiors a makeover, painting is a great option without breaking the bank. How To Paint Wood Furniture | 4 Simple Steps How to paint furniture is one activity you can nail easily during the …Continue Reading

6 Cool Home Office Ideas

Renovate smart with these cool home office ideas. A happy space is a productive space. 6 Ways to Renovate Your Home Office Space If your home office lacks inspiration, organization or convenience, do something about it -- like one of these cool home office ideas.A relatively simple do-it-yourself project transforms your office from second-rate to top of the line. 1. …Continue Reading

How To Paint Wood Paneling

Do you want to learn how to paint wood paneling? Our easy-to-follow guide will teach you the fundamental steps so you'll be painting your home's wood panels like a pro! How to Paint Wood Paneling: An Easy to Follow Guide Wood panels are a great addition to any wall. These panels add life to the room's interior and when painted right, will add the right touch of color to …Continue Reading

Chalk Paint Furniture Tutorial You Can Easily Do Yourself

Have you ever thought of having something new without actually buying it? Yes, it is possible, and don't argue with me on this one because one solid proof is through painting. You get to have a new look to something that's been with you for some time now, like your furniture that needs some makeover. Check out this awesome chalk paint furniture tutorial and we'll show you how …Continue Reading