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22 Easy Teen Room Decor Ideas for Girls | DIY Projects

Need easy teen room decor ideas for girls? I’ve got you covered! Get some inspiration from this list of fun teen room decor ideas and complete your kids’ dream bedrooms.

Teen Room Decor Ideas: DIY-ing Without Breaking A Sweat

These 22 easy teen room decor ideas will have your teenage girl screaming in excitement.We’ve done some easy DIY projects, but it seems that our little girl is enjoying bedroom decorating a little too much. That’s not really an issue with me, though. Here’s a list of cool and easy teen room decor ideas that will surely inspire you to decorate a teenage girl’s bedroom while sticking to a budget. I’m sure it will be fun!


1. DIY Picture Frame with Mosaic Tiles

DIY Picture Frame with Mosaic Tiles | Easy Teen Room Decor Ideas for Girls
image via DIY Projects

Grab some beads and get crafty with this DIY picture frame. Let your teenage girl share her beautiful memories with everyone. It’s a great room decor, plus, it makes a great gift idea for your family and friends!


2. Love Headboard

A girl’s teenage years are the time of puppy love and crushes. This will make the perfect headboard you can make out of pallets. Adding this wonderful headboard makes the bed more inviting! Plus, the word “love” really kicks it up a notch! Your daughter will surely love this.

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3. DIY Glitter Globes

DIY Glitter Globes | Easy Teen Room Decor Ideas for Girls
image via DIY Projects

Did you know it’s super easy to make glitter globes? You can put almost anything you want to inside. If your daughter loves colorful and sparkly things, then this DIY glitter globe is perfect for her.



4. DIY Mason Jar Fairy Lights

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Even teenagers still believe in magical creatures. This cute DIY mason jar project is easy and fun – and it can be done even if you don’t have painting skills. You’ll need to make sure you grab some mason jars and fairy lights before getting started!


5. Starry Bed Post

This is just the perfect bedroom decor for any teenage girl who wants to feel like a princess. Just mount two dowel rings to the ceiling with hooks and hang some fabric and LED string lights. And viola! You’ll have a starry bed post in no time!


6. Photo Montage

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Decorate your room with your favorite photos. Either use string lights or just plain strings. The choice is up to you. I also found this neat little wireless printer that makes printing my Instagram photos a piece of cake!


7. Tulle Frame Jewelry Holder

Tulle Frame Jewelry Holder | Easy Teen Room Decor Ideas for Girls
image via DIY Projects

Make a DIY jewelry holder that doubles as cute room decor in less than an hour. All you need is a vintage frame, tulle fabric, and thumbtacks. And the result? A beautiful tulle frame jewelry holder!


8. Push Pin Wall Art

Looking for a super easy wall art you can make in minutes? Try this DIY project with push pins. Just get a foam board and sketch your design. Fill in your sketch with push pins. Once you’re happy with the design, fold back any protruding backs of pins. Then simply place it in a frame and put your wonderful art on display.


9. DIY Hammock Chair

Because every girl needs a place hang-out. This DIY hammock chair is a fun place to read their favorite books in. Imagine how much your teenage girl would love this beautiful hanging chair in her room!


10. DIY No Sew Bow Pillow Cover

DIY No Sew Bow Pillow Cover | Easy Teen Room Decor Ideas for Girls
image via DIY Projects

Want something that’s super easy? Here’s a no sew pillow cover you can make in minutes. If your daughter loves pillows, then this is the perfect DIY project for you to make. It definitely adds color and style to her room.


11. Jar of Dreams

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Here’s an easy mason jar project you can make anytime. All you’ll need are some colored bits of paper with your dreams for her and inspirational quotes written on them. It will look great on your shelf and can give you the inspiration you need!


12. DIY Yarn Wrapped Monogram Letters

Grab some yarn, wooden letters, and let’s start wrapping! This DIY yarn wrapped monogram letter will make a wonderful display on your daughter’s bedside table or on her bookshelf. It surely adds a personal touch to her room.


13. Ceiling Fun

Make your ceiling fan fun with washi tape! Ceiling fan painting is one easy and perfect way to add a little warmth to the ceiling. Your daughter will definitely love to see the colors above. This project is a great spot to start a ceiling fan upgrade, too.



14. Paint Chip Calendar

Here’s something colorful that will cost you little to nothing at all! Let your daughter keep track of her busy schedule with this fun and colorful paint chip, it’s a reusable dry-erase calendar.


15. DIY Instagram Wall

Bring Instagram photos to your wall with this cool DIY wall art idea. Your daughter will be much more excited to display every new photo she will have. She can pop in some inspirational quotes, too!


16. DIY Reading Nook

Not only is this DIY reading nook a great place to have in a teen bedroom, but it also adds an aesthetic appeal to the eyes. What a fun and practical nook for them to fall in love with books. Your daughter will be overjoyed to curl up in it, reading her favorite books.


17. Plastic Spoon Mirror

Want an inexpensive mirror design? Decorate a plain mirror with plastic spoons. Just follow the infographic and I’m sure it will turn out amazing. Spray paint these spoons with your daughter’s favorite color and she will surely love it!


18. DIY Bejeweled Photo Collage Letters

Teen girls just love photos. Here’s another great way to display them. Show all the fun and wonderful memories you shared together with your daughter with this DIY bejeweled photo collage letters.


19. Washi Tape Light Switch

Want to add some color in your daughter’s room? Grab some washi tape and make your light switches stand out. Making these washi tape light switches will definitely add some fun and excitement to your daughter’s dull white light interior.


20. City Lights Lampshade

This will be the perfect DIY lamp for your teen’s nightstand. What a great way to revamp an old lampshade and transform it into this simple, yet elegant city lights lampshade!


21. Creative DIY Yarn Chandelier

Grab some balloons, a glue mixture, and yarn for a cool DIY chandelier. Hang them in your daughter’s bedroom for a fun pop of color! This craft project is very easy to make, versatile, and budget-friendly, too!


22. Joy String Art

Bring some joy to any room with this DIY string art idea. Joy string art is made with only nails, string, and a board, which makes it easy and inexpensive. This is such a cool project for teens and a perfect addition to their room decor, too.


Watch this video from MissRemiAshten and learn more easy teen room decor ideas for girls:

There you have it, crafters! Your choice of 22 teen room decor ideas for girls. These are all easy, fun and creative ways to decorate teen girl’s room on a budget. So, get your craft on and make your daughter’s dream bedroom come true without breaking a sweat. Happy crafting!


Which of these easy teen room decor ideas for girls is your favorite? Let me know in the comments section below!

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