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Learn to make a Rit Dye Pillow

Rit Dye Pillow? I know the term is not one you hear very often, but once again Taryn Whiteaker brings us another one of her creative designs. Check it out below! Creative Dyed Pillow Taryn was inspired by some Shibori pillows she saw online, and since she wanted to create a unique look she took matters into her own hands. She used Rit blue rit dye for the colors. The results …Continue Reading

Don’t Wait to Fix a Leaking Roof

Is it time to repair your roof or replace it entirely? There are many telltale signs of roof damage but before you call a roofer it is best to inspect the roof yourself, first. You'll save thousands of dollars by knowing wheater your roof is up for replacement or just a simple repair. Read on for these helpful tips. Roof Repair or Replacement? Things You Need To Know Dear …Continue Reading

Things To Do Before Installing A Green Roof

Insulating, pollution-deterring, and most of all, aesthetically pleasing, green roofs are the natural, organic thing of the future. Capping your roof with plants, however, takes more than just planting. Here are some tips we think you might need when you want to install a green roof at home. Things To Do Before Installing A Green Roof Haven't you ever wanted to have a living …Continue Reading

Soffit Problem Might Indicate Roof Leak

If you're frequently repainting your soffit, you might want to check your roof for possible leak problems. There is a low-maintenance fix to keep you from repainting your soffit every couple of years but bear in mind that a soffit doesn't really require frequent repainting. Read on to know the best way to solve soffit and roof leak problems. Possible Roof Leak Due To Soffit …Continue Reading