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Make an Airsoft Machine Gun for $3.03


Here's how to make an automatic airsoft gun from a soda bottle:


Watch our video to see how it works and how we made it:


Things You Will Need:

  • 1 liter plastic bottle with cap
  • Metal pipe for barrel
  • Air compressor nozzle kit (readily available at your local hardware store)
  • Airsoft BB’s

Other Supplies and Tools:

  • Hot glue gun or Super Glue
  • Lighter
  • Pliers
  • Razor knife
  • Air Compressor
Supplies needed to make an airsoft machine gun

STEP 1. Clean bottle

Make sure and wash out the bottle to make sure the inside is not sticky. Make sure it’s dry.


STEP 2. Assemble air nozzle

Screw the parts of the air nozzle together. Use pliers to make sure they are tight, so air does not leak.


STEP 3. Cut a hole in the bottle

Hold the top of the air nozzle against the side of the bottle where you want the trigger. This should be near the center of the bottle. Draw a circle around the tip of the nozzle on the bottle, and cut a hole with the razor knife.


STEP 4. Cut hole in cap

With the lighter, heat the end of the pipe you’re using as your barrel. Press heat it through the cap. If your barrel is plastic, use a knife to cut the hole.


STEP 5. Assemble

Hot glue the air nozzle to the bottle. Be sure to seal any leaks. Then, hot glue the barrel to the cap.  Let dry. Add bb’s to the inside of the bottle and screw on cap.

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STEP 6. Test

Add your airsoft pellets and test it out. Make any adjustments as needed.

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  1. The video is no longer available on youtube – scubbed I assume as being a terrorist propagana video! This is as of 2/4/23 noon pacisif time.

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