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11 Makeup Tutorials to Accentuate Your Eyes | DIY Health and Beauty

Are you giving your eyes the treatment they deserve?  DIY Health and Beauty | All-Natural Remedies The eyes are the windows to our soul, so why is it that aside from plopping on some eye cream and wearing sunglasses, we don’t give them the proper care they deserve? When it comes to making your eyes more healthy and beautiful, there are two paths you can take: the au …Continue Reading

DIY Nursery Decor | 11 Adorable Projects

 Want to make a great nursery room on a budget? Check out this DIY nursery decor.  My sister is expecting a little boy in just two months! I could NOT be more excited. I have been helping her shop for baby clothes, toys and everything else a mom-to-be needs. However, her and her husband are on a pretty tight budget. Thankfully she a has an expert DIY-er for a sister, …Continue Reading

How to Preserve Flowers

Flowers have a way of livening up spaces both indoors and outdoors. Whether you enjoy decorating your home with beautiful bouquets or love to garden, fresh blooms are always a great addition and never seem to last long enough. To help you make them last longer, FTD put together a neat guide on how to repurpose flowers. The first step is pressing or drying your flowers. Once …Continue Reading

10 Best Craft Quotes

Reinvigorate your creativity with these craft quotes.  These craft quotes are going to inspire you! Yes, even us crafters need words of wisdom from time to time to keep the creative juices flowing, and these quotes are just what the craft doctor ordered. 10 Best Craft Quotes   1. Eat. Sleep. Craft. Repeat. A picture frame plus this free printable quote. EASY! Check …Continue Reading

Which DIY Projects Will Really Save You Money?

Which DIY Projects Will Really Save You Money? DIY has become a hugely popular trend, with many a Pinterest board dedicated to it. From pallet furniture to mason jar light fixtures, DIY projects have become a staple of many homes. DIY allows you to really be creative with how you decorate your home and make its interior truly unique. Nothing beats knowing that your living room …Continue Reading

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