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If you have questions or comments about DIY, or would like to give us feedback,  we would love to hear from you.

We welcome suggestions as well as future DIY project ideas. Send them our way. Having trouble finding a good tutorial for a project you want to make? Just let us know.

We also love seeing pictures of anything you have tried from our site. While I think you should post those on our DIY Projects Facebook Page for all to see, we also welcome them in our inbox.



We LOVE hearing from our friends and followers!

E-mail us at [email protected] for all content related inquiries.

E-mail us at [email protected] for site support and tech issues.

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  1. Avatarcatherine says

    hi! i was just wondering if the chat option is an actual person or generic answers based on the keywords from what we message. because if it is an actual person then the answers are not complete… 🙁

  2. Avatar says

    feeling frustrated.

    Loved your t-shirt and promo deal so much I ordered 4.
    1 for me, 1 for a maker friend and 1 each for my two sons.

    unfortunately you seem to assume you’re marketing to women.
    no choice was offered for men’s sizes. (I suspect I was presumptuous assuming men’s sizes) .

    I now have had to give them away, as none of them fit the people I intended them for.

    still love the shirt and love your site. just wish that had gone better.