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DIY Jewelry Holder Ideas

Proud jewelry owners put a lot of effort into organizing their valuables. After all, they need to prevent the mess and entanglement that can happen in an instant. However, many women don’t realize that there is a way to both eliminate the ordeal of searching for the right piece and to use their jewelry to enhance their interior décor. So, instead of stacking it in drawers, …Continue Reading

How To Make Wire Jewelry | Wire Wrapping Tutorials

How to Make Wire Jewelry | Wire Wrapping Tutorials Welcome to the wonderful world of wire wrapping. We have prepared this awesome course for you so you can learn how to make wire jewelry AT HOME with our FREE ONLINE VIDEO COURSE! Our host Stephanie is here to walk you through everything you need to make your own wire wrapped jewelry: bracelets, necklaces, rings, earrings, …Continue Reading

Handmade Jewelry | Basic Wire Wrapping

Handmade Jewelry | Basic Wire Wrapping Wire wrapping may seem intimidating, but fear not!  It’s really very simple and so much fun. The best part is, once you know how to make a few basic links and dangles, you can make any kind of chain-linked jewelry you like. Really! Check out this awesome wire wrapping basics  tutorial. Trust us, after taking a peek at these simple steps …Continue Reading

How To Make Teardrop Earrings | Wire Wrapping Techniques

How To Make Teardrop Earrings | Wire Wrapping Techniques These earrings are fun and a breeze to make, and pack a lot of bang for your… time and effort (I’ll work on the rhyming).After familiarizing yourself with wire-wrapping basics, you’ll be able to whip these beauties up in under an hour. Don’t hesitate to customize them. Not a gold person? Use silver! Not a sparkly bead …Continue Reading

How to Make Wire Jewelry | Types Beads for Wire Wrapping

How to Make Wire Jewelry | Wire Wrapping 101 Lesson 11 - Types of Beads for Wire Wrapping Beads and other decorative elements are a fun way to add extra color and flair to your wire jewelry. The possibilities of what beads, or stones, or even crystals you can use are endless when it comes to wire wrapping. Here are just a few ideas of beads for wire wrapping to get you …Continue Reading

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