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Mold In Basement: How Do You Remove Them?

Molds are a nuisance as they reappear a few days after you remove them. However, if you do the whole process right, you can say goodbye to those annoying black spots. Removing molds is easy as 1-2-3 but it can be a huge task depending on the root cause of the problem. Learn how to remove mold in basement and prevent them from spawning again! Mold In Basement: How Do You Remove …Continue Reading

Buying A New Garage Door? Know About Standard Garage Door Sizes First

Standard garage door sizes come hand in hand with the structure of the car. In addition, the number of vehicles to come through that door may also be a factor. Of course, you don't want a garage door size that's too big 'cause that'd just be wasteful. On the other hand, a door too small or narrow make it hard for the car to pass through. Check out the standard garage door sizes …Continue Reading

The $ 5 DIY Lumber Rack Tutorial | Awesome Garage Storage Ideas

Garage storage ideas come in many forms. For a woodworking enthusiast like me, it's important to have your lumber stored properly because they can take up a lot of space when left unattended. To prevent this from happening, it's better to organize lumber with a garage DIY lumber rack. With just 5 easy steps, you can manage getting wood out of the way and store them nicely. The …Continue Reading

Low Basement Ceiling Ideas | Basement Makeover

Think your basement could use a good finish but the ceiling is too low? No problem. Before I renovated my basement, my ceiling was low. Low enough that I had to duck underneath revealed foundations. But things changed after I adopted a few low basement ceiling ideas to maximize what little head room I had. Low Basement Ceiling Ideas | Basement Makeover More and more people …Continue Reading

This DIY Garage Storage Is The Total Space-Saver For Your Home

The garage will always be a room for storage, and I am not talking about storing cars. Tools, works in progress, and other DIY remnants can be found in my garage, but this finite space can only hold so much. So, if you need some extra space, this DIY garage storage project will totally give you just that. This DIY Garage Storage Is The Total Space - Saver For Your Home This …Continue Reading

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