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Home Improvements: How to Add Value to Your Home [Infographic]

Home Improvements: How to Add Value to Your Home Home improvements are a big investment and you need to put a serious amount of thought into how much they will cost and budget accordingly. For people who are unsure about their long-term residential plans, the decision is even tougher, as they have to decide whether the improvements are worth the hassle and upheaval if they …Continue Reading

This DIY Materials Transporter Was Made From an Old Airline Beverage Cart [VIDEO]

Adam Savage of Myth Busters fame shows us the true use for an old airline beverage cart -- and no, it's not a new addition to the waste basket. Using his expert upcycling skills, Savage takes the funky old cart and transforms it into a mobile materials holder -- he makes one for glue and paint, but you can pick your poison. His choice to use a retro airplane beverage and …Continue Reading

5 DIY Home Improvement Projects

5 DIY Home Improvement Projects When it comes to improving our homes, many of us within the modern world are without the skill sets that would have been common even a generation ago, such as working with two by fours or sewing our own clothes. Work — even the kind that used to be done my most people on a Saturday afternoon — has become so highly specialized that even tinkering …Continue Reading

Elements Lab Launches DIY 3D Jewelry Making App [CRAFT NEWS]

Love making your own jewelry? Elements Lab has a new app sure to excite all the DIY jewelry-holics out there. DIY 3D Jewelry Making App Arrives From Elements Lab The Elements Lab Jewelry Maker app from Taiwan-based 3D printing company Elements Lab promises "easy DIY jewelry making with real 3D printed jewelry." The app is slated to release by the end of February. To …Continue Reading

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