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Fat Quarter Throw Pillow

Beginner Sewing Projects: Sew a Fat Quarter Pillow

Fat Quarter Throw Pillow |




Looking for an easy sewing project? Why not try your sewing skills in this DIY throw pillow. This easy to make throw pillow will be perfect for any room in your home. Make it in any color you want!


Fat Quarter Throw Pillow | Easy Sewing Project


As a beginner with sewing, I’m always looking for quick and easy projects to practice on. When I first got my sewing machine, I picked up a bundle of fat quarters (essentially pieces of fabric that measures a quarter meter) to practice with. Coincidentally, fat quarters are the perfect size for a throw pillow so that’s what I decided to make first. A bonus to this project is that there’s no fabric cutting required!



Here’s what you’ll need for your throw pillow:

DIY Throw Pillow Tutorial |

  • sewing machine (optional)
  • 2 fat quarters (often found in the quilting section of fabric stores in bundles)
  • matching thread
  • sewing needle
  • pillow stuffing



Step 1

Cute DIY Throw Pillow Ideas |

Pin the two pieces of fabric right sides together.


Step 2

Cool Homemade Throw Pillows |

Sew around the edges, leaving a gap large enough to fit your hand.


Step 3

DIY Decorative Throw Pillows |

Snip the corners diagonally, being careful not to cut too close to the seam (this ensures a nice, clean, corner).


Step 4

DIY Throw Pillow Tutorials |

Turn right-side out and press.


Step 5

DIY Throw Pilow Ideas and Projects |

Stuff the pillow to your desired firmness. Be sure to get stuffing right down into the corners.


Step 6

Cheap DIY Throw Pillow Projects |

Hand stitch the opening close.


Step 7

Homemade Throw Pillow Projects for Teens |

Find somewhere to display your new pillow!




Did you enjoy our throw pillow tutorial? Let us know in the comments section below what your thoughts are on how to make throw pillows. Do you have any other sewing projects you’d like to share? Share it with us and we’ll give it a try. We love doing cool DIY projects by making craft projects, home decor projects, upcycling ideas, recipes, tutorials and anything you can do yourself. That’s why we created this site, we want people to be more in touch with their creative side and realize that there’s a lot of things that they can do themselves. We’d love to hear from you and create a community of DIY enthusiasts where any project is just a click away. Stay connected with us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram!


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