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DIY Projects That Started Out as Rugs and Became Something Totally Different

Sometimes you're working on a DIY project, and it turns out entirely different than what you planned. That's what happened with these rugs! DIY Projects That Started Out as Rugs And Became Something Else Entirely Rugs are a surprisingly good foundation for a variety of DIY projects; they provide automatic shape, structure and texture upon which to build. Flat-woven ones in …Continue Reading

Tips for Crafting with Burlap | Burlap Crafts [INFOGRAPHIC]

Tips & Tricks for Burlap Crafts From stenciled placemats to elaborate wreaths, there is a plethora of awesome burlap crafts and projects. Some projects are easier to complete than others, but every crafter struggles with the fraying and mess of working with burlap, as well as its care after the crafting is complete. This infographic from gives detailed tips to make …Continue Reading

5 DIY Ideas for a Peaceful Bedroom

5 DIY Ideas for a Peaceful Bedroom As the place you go to relax, unwind and – most importantly – sleep, your bedroom should represent a tranquil haven that clears your mind and recharges your batteries. However, if you find that your bedroom is more chaotic than calming, it may be time for a makeover. Here are some easy and modestly-priced DIY tips for creating a more soothing …Continue Reading

11 DIY Nail Polish Rack Ideas

These DIY nail polish rack ideas will keep you organized and will keep your finger nails fly.  Even divas need to stay organized! I'm a nail art fanatic. I change my nail color and design almost as often as I change my  mind ;) As my nail polish collection grew, I realized it was getting more and more difficult for me to find the colors I wanted. (Well, without having …Continue Reading

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