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Closet Organization

4 Entryway Decor Ideas

Keep your entryway both organized and welcoming with these DIY entryway decor ideas.  Entryway Decor Ideas People usually use their entryways to drop off their possessions when they come home and pick them back when they go out. But the entryway is also the first place our guests see, so besides being well organized, the entryway should be clean, beautiful and welcoming …Continue Reading

17 DIY Organization Tips and Projects to Start Your Year

Best  DIY Organization Ideas and DIY Organizing Projects Looking for some new DIY organizing ideas and DIY organizing projects to make order of things in your life? We've had a lot of New Years that have passed where we vowed to be more organized but never do. Make this year different with our organization tips and projects you can try for your kitchen, bedroom and pretty much …Continue Reading

DIY Shoe Cubby Ideas For Your Entryway

For those addicted to footwear, a shoe cubby is a must-have part of the home. It's great not just for keeping your closet organized but also for showing your shoe collection off. Here are some shoe cubby ideas that will look great for your home. RELATED: 21 Space-Saving Ideas For Your Studio Apartments 12 Practical and Stylish Shoe Cubby Ideas to Show off Your …Continue Reading

How to Make a Teepee for the Kids

How to Make a Teepee tutorial below. This one is courtesy of Julie Blanner and is a fun tutorial for both you and your kids to do for the summer. Check it out below! Learn to Make a Teepee Check out this fun tutorial on how to make a teepee below. You make this cool project with your kids for the summer. They'll be having fun with this neat teepee all summer long. We'll only …Continue Reading

10 Stunning and Useful Storage Ideas from Pinterest

Storage Ideas allow us to get really creative, while reusing and recycling things we already have in our home. Let's check out some cool storage ideas from Pinterest Mason Jar Mason Jars are not just for food and drink, someone got really creative with the idea to use them for storing makeup brushes, cotton balls, q tips and even as a holder for their …Continue Reading

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