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The Best Homemade Skin Care Recipes | Sugar Scrub, Gifts Ideas & More

Looking for ultimate homemade skin care recipes? To help you, I'm sharing my list of homemade skin care recipes that have helped inspire and guide me through the years. There are lots of ways to save money on your skin care products. No matter your skin type, having a skincare routine is essential. Your skin is exposed everyday – pollution, harsh weather conditions, stress, …Continue Reading

Reclaimed Wood Home Improvement Projects | [Infographic]

Want to know what to do with reclaimed wood? If you think you can no longer use reclaimed wood, think again. You can definitely reuse it in your next DIY reclaimed wood home improvement projects. Reclaimed wood is inexpensive, easy to find material that will sure give you lots of room for improvements. So, roll up your sleeves and plan your next reclaimed wood project. Home …Continue Reading

DIY Project: How To Make Rustic Iron Towel Rack and Shelf

Our bathroom could totally use some shelves and rack for storage. But have you ever had a towel rack that was both decorative and functional? How about a rustic iron towel rack and shelf? Imagine a rack and shelf made out of pipes. Interesting, right? This project is worthy of a place in your bathroom, given its stability and sturdiness. We will show you how to do this DIY here …Continue Reading

How To Make DIY Pumpkin Spice Latte Bath Bombs

Want to learn how to make DIY bath bombs? If you want to have an inexpensive way to enjoy an amazing fall bath experience, then these super fun  DIY pumpkin spice latte bath bombs are for you! Bath bombs can help you create the bath of your dreams! They're beautiful, they smell amazingly tempting and divine, but these little delights are averaging $6 each. If you want to …Continue Reading

How to Repurpose Your Glass Bottle Into a Soap Dispenser

Looking for a creative way to repurpose glass bottle? Repurposing old glassware is a fantastic way to transform the look and feel of your home without spending a dime. Check out this super simple tutorial to turn any glass bottle into a homemade soap dispenser. Repurpose Your Glass Bottle Into a Soap Dispenser Get ready to see glass bottles in a whole new light! This creative …Continue Reading

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