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25 More Cool Projects For Teens

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If you want your teen to start crafting, I have cool projects for teens they surely can’t turn down.

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DIY Projects for Teens You’ll Actually Want to Make

Fun Easy DIY Projects for Teens

You heard me right! I’m bringing you 25 more creative and not-so-boring projects for teens. In case you haven’t scoped the initial list of 36 Cool Projects For Teens (highly recommended) I suggest you take a peep at that first before you begin this amazing DIY endeavor.

Okay, so you’ve checked those out. How about checking out another super awesome list of projects?

I knew you’d be into it. It’s totally hard to find projects on the internet that aren’t super hard to create over the course of a weekend.

In between soccer practice, cheerleading practice (football season can be a busy time), and homework, it seems like it’s nearly impossible to make anything! I’m here to show you how DIYing can be fun and simple.

From charging docks to their next breakfast, there’s something for everyone. Even if your teen hasn’t taken up crafting, once you’ve shown them this list, I’m sure they’ll just right into the crafting wagon with you.

These projects are useful and will definitely captivate their interest! Check out these pretty awesome and easy DIY projects for home you won’t regret you found.

No boring popsicle stick projects here – talk about a snooze fest! Ready to get crafting?

Check out all of these awesome DIY home projects ideas I know you’ll love.

1. Chevron Chambray Shoes


These shoes are sure to rock your socks off…you don’t really need socks with these anyway. You can transform any boring shoe you may have in your closet into a stunning new pair.

2. Mini Animal Menagerie


Who doesn’t want a super awesome mini animal wall art collage? Try land animals, birds, fishes and you can even go prehistoric with dinosaurs.

And since we’re getting crafty, you can try it different colors too, how does gold sound?

3. Make a Mini Terrarium in a Mason Jar


Aren’t these just so perfect though? Why buy them at Urban Outfitters when you can upcycle an old jar and make it yourself?

Much cooler and you can even design your terrarium however you like!

4. Melted Crayon Art

Line the Crayons | More Cool Projects For Teens

How to Make Melted Crayon Art | More Cool Projects For Teens

A blank canvas, hot glue, crayons, and a blow dryer are your friends. They’re all you’ll ever need to make this melted crayon art.

And don’t be discouraged with the fails you see on Pinterest. I have great confidence you can nail this!

5. No Sew Skirt | DIY Project


For all of you beachy super chic boho girls… A cotton rope is what holds this beautiful skirt together. Have it in this color or you can certainly change things up if you want.

If you want to challenge yourself in a little sewing project, I recommend a stylish maxi skirt!

Ready for a new craft? Make your own accessories with these DIY leather projects! ✨

— DIY Projects (@DIYProjectsCom) November 1, 2016

6. DIY Colorful Chalk Hair Tips


How to achieve this look without damaging your hair. Add a little color to your life with this quick and easy tutorial.

It’s washable so you really don’t have to worry about anything. Be your own unicorn!

7. “There’s always money in the banana stand.”


Make these banana-licious after school snacks. Yum!

My kids make them all the time and like what it says, they did make a couple of bucks last summer selling them!

8. iPhone / iPod Charging Dock


For all of you very literary (but very cool) nerds. I know it may break your heart to do this to your favorite book so if you have a book cover, you can do it that way too.

Leaving no books hurt in the process!

9. Make DIY Dyes From Fruits and Vegetables


Talk about using earth friendly dyes…tie-dye party anyone? I can think of a couple of crafty people who’d want to attend.

10. DIY Ear Cuff


So cute. Who can ever tell this is something homemade?

With just a couple of twists and turns, you’re well on your way into making your very own ear cuffs!

11. Knot Your Average Friendship Bracelet


Stop making boring old friendship bracelets and start making bracelets like it’s 2016. We’re already sick of those rainbow loom bracelets.

Get up on your trend, gals! Check out these awesome new friendship bracelets made by Jade!

12. Spruce Up Your Room With DIY Seashell Candles


Make some summer beachy candles with this super simple DIY tutorial. You can now put your seashell collection to good use.

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13. While We’re at it…


Let’s make some more fun craft projects with seashells… Making seashell candles won’t be enough for sure. So I added these gilded seashells in the mix too.

14. Easy DIY Washi Tape


Stop buying washi tape at the store and make your own when you’re bored one day. It’s as simple as 1…2…oh wait, you’re done.

And what better way to make use of your newly made washi tape than with these 100 creative projects!

15. Chevron Ombre Clay Pendants


Learn how to make these lovely clay pendants with just a couple of steps. You can make them in any color you want and if you don’t want it round, I’m sure you can be creative.

16. “I Don’t Have Time for Breakfast” Make-Ahead Oatmeal


Take that extra seven minutes the night before to make yourself some pretty kick-butt oatmeal. You can even make more than one cup for the following day or for your family members.

17. Gemstone Picture Frame


Make this quick and easy picture frame with some glue and your favorite colored stones! It’s so simple, I can’t believe I didn’t think about it first.

18. DIY Instagram Wrapping Paper


For when your bestie who needs a little pick-me-up! I’m not telling you to just gift him or her this cool Instagram wrapping paper (though you probably could).

I’m saying, make one of these and give your bestie a little gift, just because!

19. DIY Icy Hot Pain Relieving Salve


For your after practice aches and pains. It’s really hard to be a teen and it’s even harder when you have to deal with muscle pain.

So forget about that and apply this DIY cream.

20. DIY Tinted Lip Balm In A Locket!


I’m not sure about you but my girl has this problem of misplacing her lip balm all the time. So this tutorial is not only stylish, but it’s also a life-saver!

21. Exploding Chalk Rockets


Make sure you have your mom and dad’s permission before making a mess on the front patio. Of course, it washes off so I’m sure they’ll be cool with it.

Let your inner child run wild!

22.  DIY Locker Magnets


Hide the picture of your crushes’ face with these awesome DIY locker magnets you can make in a pinch! But don’t just keep them in the lockers, you can gift mom for the fridge too.

23. DIY: Gold & Pink Rock Bookends


Here’s a pretty neat DIY to help jazz up your book reading. Whoever said rocks are boring clearly haven’t seen or made these gold and pink rock bookends.

If you’re a dude, blue and gold may probably work better for you.

24. Nail Polish Marbled Pot


Give your friends this awesome flower pot that you DIY’d yourself. All you need is a little nail polish and voila!

You can give them as is or even add a little herb to get started on your indoor herb gardening.

25. DIY Ombre Tassel Necklace


You can dye it or skip the dye and just buy different embroidery thread. However you plan on doing it, I’m sure you’ll look stylish after!

Want to know some cool DIY room decor ideas for teens? Watch this video DIY Central:

With all of these cool and fun projects for teens, you’ll never have a dull moment in your downtime. Just grab some crafting supplies, your creativity and you’ll have new things to show off to your friends.

My daughter has a couple of lip balm lockets and I think she’s planning on making a tassel necklace this weekend. This is a really great list you should save!

Are you going to try coloring your tips with chalk or something else? I’d love to hear what you’re going to try first! Let me know in the comments section below!



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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on December 2, 2016, and has been updated for quality and relevancy.



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