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32 DIY Wind Chimes To Liven Up Your Home

Want to know how to make personalized DIY wind chimes? Whether you’re looking for a cool craft project or a DIY wind chime for home decor, these homemade wind chime ideas will point you in the right direction. You can learn how to make a wind chime with keys or DIY wind chimes with seashells with these DIY inspirations. Check out these lovely and creative ideas, collect your supplies for making wind chimes, and let’s get crafting!

DIY Wind Chimes that Will Put a Smile on Your Face!


1. Seashore Wind Chime

This would be the perfect craft project for summer. Go beachcombing and collect seashells, sea glass, and pebbles to make this sea-inspired homemade wind chime. Tie them to a small piece of driftwood and it’s a sea lover’s wind chime through and through.

2. Summer Time Chime

Go nuts making your colorful design for this easy bamboo wind chime. You’ll love how it looks and sounds.

3. DIY Skeleton Key Wind Chimes

Got some skeleton keys lying around? Here’s how you can make this easy DIY wind chimes with keys in minutes.

4. Ice Cream Spoon Chime

Grab some ice cream spoons, bells, and feathers and let’s begin working. This should be a fun DIY wind chime craft you can do with your kids!

5. DIY Silver Goblet Wind Chimes

Okay, so it may be a bit expensive if you use real silver. Any metal goblet from a thrift store will do to make this DIY goblet wind chime.

6. DIY Ombre Wind Chimes

Have you ever thought of painting your pots ombre-style? Well here’s your chance to do it with this DIY ombre wind chime.

7. DIY Star Wars Wind Chimes

Don’t be ashamed to say you’re a Star Wars nerd. Here’s a DIY wind chime inspired by Jabba’s Place in Return of the Jedi.

8. Candy Hearts Wind Chime

It’s not really candy but it sure looks sweet. If you want to learn how to make deep tone wind chimes in particular, this is it!

9. Japanese-Inspired Wind Chime

Add a little Japanese accent to your home with this cool homemade wind chime. If you’re into Zen, then this DIY wind chime is right up your alley.

10. Fall Wind Chimes

Craft projects know for no season. Let the kids get messy making this easy kids craft project any time of the year.

11. Ceramic + Copper Wind Chimes

Some of the classic wind chimes were made from copper for their high-pitched chime. Make a DIY classic wind chime with a ceramic cup and copper tubes.

12. Key and Crystal Wind Chime

This is why we DIY-ers never throw reusable stuff away. A broken necklace, accessories, embellishments, or an old chandelier can turn into this DIY whimsical wind chime.

13. Plastic Egg Wind Chimes

Still have some plastic eggs left over from your last Easter egg hunt? Here’s a great way to repurpose them–a homemade wind chime made out of plastic Easter eggs.

14. DIY Spindle Wind Chimes

Turn old spindles into a charming wind chime. If you’re into shabby chic decor, this DIY wind chime is perfect for you!

15. Recycled Wind Chime Tutorial

Don’t you just love upcycling? This super easy DIY wind chime only calls for three materials and you’re good as done. Let your little DIY-er make her first DIY wind chime for her playhouse using this guide.

16. Modern Wind Chime

Want to complement the modern design of your home? This DIY wind chime that is a piece of art in itself will be perfect.

17. Drift Wood Wind Chime

Here’s a craft project that will bring you a little closer to nature. To ordinary eyes, it doesn’t look much, but a DIY-er will see the beauty behind putting this rustic DIY wind chime together.

18. Rainbow Wind Chimes

The amazing things DIY-ers can do to simple everyday stuff like twigs is just wonderful. Complete the colors of the rainbow with this easy craft project.

19. Paint Stick Wind Chimes

Make this DIY wind chime your next paint stick craft project.

20. Bottle Cap Wind Chimes

Don’t throw those bottle caps away just yet. See how you can turn them into a cool and playful wind chime.

21. Tin Can Wind Chime

Here’s another homemade wind chime project that kids can make. This will be perfect for their tree house or their play area.

22. Wine Bottle Wind Chime

Here’s a great way to put those empty wine bottles to good use. Flawlessly and safely cutting the bottles seem a bit tricky but follow the full step-by-step tutorial here and it will be easy-peasy.

23. DIY Sea Glass Wind Chime

If you’re not into beachcombing, try it once and you might just hooked. Plus, the beach is a real DIY-er’s treasure trove. You can also make this wind chime with sea glass without using any power tools.

24. Silverware Wind Chime

Create an awesome vintage wind chime from old silverware. You will need a bit of a lesson in knot-tying if you haven’t had any, to successfully pull this off.

You can also check out this related DIY wind chime tutorial: DIY Wind Chimes | A Dazzling Silverware Wind Chime Tutorial

25. Homemade Nature Suncatcher Wind Chimes

Love crafts with pressed flowers? Well, you’ll love this one. Make a DIY wind chime from pressed flowers and mason jar lids. The kids will enjoy this DIY craft/nature lesson.

26. Pencil Chimes

Want something adorable? Try making this easy DIY wind chime using pencils. You can mix and match the colors or stick to a theme!

27. Upcycled Xylophone Wind Chime

The keys on a toy xylophone are just perfect for a homemade wind chime. It already has holes so you just need to hang them.

28. Melted Bead Chimes

If you can make hearts out of melted beads, you can make any shape as long as you have a mold for it. Then, you can make this adorable DIY wind chime you can give as a gift for a friend or keep for yourself.

29. How to Make a Garden Chandelier

Add some bling to your garden or porch with this cool wind chime made of an old colander, marbles, and beads. You need to bore holes on the round trinkets. You only need to learn this wiring technique to wrap them securely and nicely.

30. Hardware Store Hanging Wind Chime

If you’re feeling extra crafty, you can try to make this low-cost hardware store hanging wind chime this weekend.

31. Earrings to Wind Chime

Repurpose your unwanted earrings into a cool wind chime. Take those outdated huge hoop earrings and make this beautiful DIY wind chime that has pieces of your personality!

32. Seaglass and Pebbles Wind Chime

Want something colorful and cute? Make a homemade wind chime with different colored sea glass or pebbles.


Care to add more tutorial for DIY wind chimes? Then grab some newspapers and try this DIY wind chime from Love Yourself:

Now wasn’t this roundup of DIY wind chimes just lovely? Next time you see a wind chime you like, take the inspiration and make one your own, instead of buying it. Wouldn’t it be nice to hear these musical decors gracing your home and garden without spending too much money?

Which of these DIY wind chimes are you going to make? Let us know below in the comments!

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published 0n July 15, 2016, and has been updated for quality and relevancy.


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