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35 DIY Clothes | Tops, Tees, And Blouses Edition

Feature | Girl blue eyes holding her knitted sweater | DIY Clothes | Tops, Tees, And Blouses Edition

These DIY clothes will let you show off your style without spending too much money.

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DIY Clothes For Spring and Summer Style On A Budget

DIY Fashion Ideas

These easy DIY clothes ideas will make a great addition to your closet. They’re versatile, practical, and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.

DIY clothes ideas are lifesavers on days when your closet is too full of clothes, but still feel like you have nothing to wear. Fortunately, these 35 DIY fashion projects can inspire you when it comes to DIY fashion accessories and upcycling clothing!

1. Men’s Shirt To Lace Top Refashion


Upgrade an old men’s shirt to a pretty lace top. Start by removing the sleeves of the shirt, and cutting away the shoulder flaps and the collar.

Then, stitch the seams of the armhole edges. From there, you can then attach your lace detail.

2. Lace Capped Sleeve


Put a romantic feel to a top with some lace capped sleeves. First, steam iron the lace trimmings.

Then, position each of the lace trimmings on either side of the top’s shoulders. Pin these in place and sew.

3. Tee To Vest Refashion


DIY old clothes into new fashion trends to kickstart your crafting with some upcycling. Transform an old shirt into a summery vest.

Remember to pick a shirt 2 sizes bigger to have a flowy vest that skims your bottoms.

4. Chic Collared Necktie Blouse


You’ll absolutely love this DIY clothes tutorial. The step-by-step instructions include a bust dart in the steps.

This makes a huge difference in the way the top fits, as it instantly looks tailor-fit.

5. Dress To Top Refashion


Upcycle a dress into a top with these easy step-by-step instructions. For a more elongated frame, make sure the bottom of the top sits right above your hip bones.

Doing so will give you a more flattering look.

6. Peplum Shirt


You’ll be needing two of the same shirt in varying sizes for this peplum top. When measuring for the peplum detail, I recommend placing it just below the waist, to emphasize the frame.

7. Pearl Embellished Button Down

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This embellished shirt looks like something you’d purchase from a store. To begin this DIY clothes project, start by marking the areas where you’ll be attaching the pearls.

Then, grab your needle and thread and sew your pearl embellishments on the sewing pattern you’ve marked.

8. Asymmetrical Tee

Making an asymmetrical tee is easy. Mark the shoulder you’ll want to leave on the shirt.

Then, make a mark from the said area going to the mid-seam of the opposite shoulder. Once you’re done, cut along the mark.

9. Pompom Poncho


To make this pompom poncho, start by folding your fabric in half and cutting out a semi-circle. While still folded, make a little cutout for the neck opening.

Sew the hems, and then attach pompom trim along the edge of the circle.

10. Stenciled T-Shirt


Freezer paper is the go-to secret weapon for any DIY clothes tutorials on stenciled t-shirts. Just be sure to draw, and iron on the side that doesn’t have the plastic wrap.

You can also enjoy painting this DIY clothes project with your kids.

11. T-Shirt To Cropped Tank Refashion


Start by cutting out the sleeves, the neckline, and the midriff of the tee. Then, using a piece of ribbon or a shoelace, simply tie the two shoulder straps together at the back, for a racerback-like tank.

12. No Sew Draped Vest


The trick to getting this DIY right is by placing the right shapes in the right areas, before cutting them out. That said, make sure the triangle is placed at the bottom left corner when your fabric is folded in half.

13. Painted Galaxy Tee


Have fun painting a galaxy DIY t-shirt by choosing colors with the help of a color wheel. Before you grab your paintbrush, remember to place a piece of cardboard inside the shirt.

Also, don’t be afraid to use a variety of different paint styles in your artwork, such as dabbing, twisting, and smearing. If you’d like to add stars, simply place a bit of paint on an old toothbrush and flick the bristles with your fingers.

14. Racerback Workout Top

What you’ll absolutely love about this DIY workout top is the cord that loops around in the back. Speaking of, did you know the cord actually came from the bottom part of the top?

This DIY clothes idea is great for upcycling old t-shirts into workout clothes.

15. Beaded Epaulet Top


This top is pretty ingenious because it places an intricate and regal detail on a top, without making it permanent. Basically, the details are detachable and can be attached using sew-on snaps.

16. T-Shirt To Halter Tunic Refashion


Take a drab t-shirt and turn it into a fabulous tunic by snipping away a few parts at the front and back. Since you’d want the piece to fit loosely, like a tunic, it may be best to grab an old shirt from your older brothers, boyfriend, or husband.

17. Safety Pin Statement Top


This statement top is brilliantly cheeky, I can’t believe I didn’t think of this sooner.

Simply grab a top and a pack of safety pins, and start writing your message by pinning the safety pins on. It’s that simple!

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18. Ruffled Tube Top


A ruffled tube top is essential for ladies who don’t have much going on in the chest area. To give an illusion of a fuller chest, make sure to have a ruffle as wide as the chest area — a measurement of 5 3/4 will do.

19. T-Shirt To Tie Up Tank Top Refashion


Begin by trimming the sleeves, neckline, and the back of the shirt. Once you’re done, make a snip down the middle of the front of the top.

These pieces will act as the ends you can tie and knot.

20. Balenciaga Inspired Cropped Top


As much as I’d love to rock a real Balenciaga, I just don’t have the dough for it. So this cropped top is the next best thing.

If you’re like me, and you’re not too keen on showing off your stomach area, don’t worry. You can simply cut according to your comfort level.

21. Laced Up Sleeves Top


This laced up top shows off a bit more skin without being too revealing.

When inserting the string or ribbon through the grommets, be careful not to tug too tight. Doing so could scrunch the sleeves together.

22. Bleached Tank Tops


Start making your bleached tank top by placing a piece of cardboard inside. Lay a pattern on the top and proceed with spraying on a solution of equal parts of bleach and water.

Once you’re happy with the outcome, run the tank top under cold water, and place it in the dryer.

23. Varsity Tee


The secret to making this varsity tee is painter’s tape. Simply line strips of it on the sleeve and along the bottom of the shirt.

Place a piece of cardboard inside the top, before you begin painting in between the tape strips. If you’d like to add numbers, you can do so using the tape-and-paint method or by simply attaching iron-on numbers.

24. Double Strap Tank Top


All you have to do to make this double strap tank is to cut along the insides of the seams. Just be careful not to cut too far down. If you’d prefer, you can opt to wear the shirt first and mark how low you’d want the cutouts to be.

25. Cozy Square Top


Add a little structure to your DIY cozy square top by cuffing the sleeves once or twice. It’s a subtle detail, but it’ll add a polished feel to a casual outfit.

DIY tips as simple as this can make old clothes feel brand new!

26. Macrame Tank Top


Crazy about macrame? Then this is the project for you.

By the way, the trick to getting the knots right is by remembering to pair one strand with a neighboring strand. Doing so allows for a more crisscross-like pattern.

What is macrame? The knotting technique of strings in creating crafts, garments, and decorative items.

27. Tie Up Asymmetrical Top


Looking for DIY old clothes ideas for your off-shoulder? This tie-up asymmetrical top allows you to have the best fit because of its side ties.

Just be careful not to leave the strands too long, as they can look a bit unfinished.

28. Tee To Lace Tank Refashion


I’ve found it’s much better to attach the lace detailing on the collar first before cutting the preferred neckline. That way, if you decide midway to make changes, you can do so without feeling restricted from the remaining fabric of the tee.

29. Boat Neck Blouse


The key to this DIY clothes project is using a thin and stretchy fabric to make the perfect boat neck blouse. That said, you should definitely avoid using cotton for this piece of DIY clothing.

30. Back Bow Tee


Begin by cutting out the neckline and by making about 4 snips on the back of the shirt.

Once you’re done, cut small pieces of your lace ribbon. Then, wrap and sew the ribbon around each part of the shirt’s back.

31. Laced Corset Top


This corset definitely looks so much classier with its lace halter detailing. Simply attach the lace fabric on the inside of the corset, then tighten the neckline with a piece of black ribbon.

32. Ruffle Neck Top


When making a ruffle neck top, it’s good to be reminded to use a button of medium size.

If you use one too small, the button holder might unravel and be a nuisance. However, if you use one too big, it could upstage the top.

33. DIY Off-Shoulder Top


Upgrade a loose shirt by turning it into an off-shoulder top. Heads up, you may need to play around with the seams a bit to get the perfect fit.

Trust me, once you’re done, it’ll be well worth it.

34. Downton Abbey-Inspired Top


To make this Downton Abbey-inspired top, simply turn the tank top inside out and attach lace trimmings to the outer straps. Pin and sew the lace pieces to keep them in place, then turn the tank over and try on your new creation.

35. Bow Sleeve Tee


Looking for DIY clothes no-sew ideas? Well, would you believe this bow sleeve tee doesn’t require a needle and thread?

The secret lies in using machine washable glue. You’ll be using this on the strip to create a circular band for the bow.


Looking for more DIY clothes? Check out this video from LaurDIY for a no-sew lace-up top:

There are lots more ways to upcycle your clothes. Trust me, as tempting as it may be, you won’t always need to go to the mall to get a fabulous new outfit.

Sometimes, you already have it folded in a drawer or hung in a closet. It’s just a matter of using a little DIY magic life hacks.

What DIY clothes are you excited to try? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below!


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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on June 6, 2017, and has been updated for quality and relevancy.



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