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Spring Break Survival Kit | DIY Spring Projects

What should your spring break survival kit include? Get the most out of your long-awaited vacay by making sure you have everything you need to survive Spring Break! Spring Break Survival Kit: Everything You Need Tickets to Cancun -- check. Swimsuit - check. Spring dresses - check. Ready to go? Not so fast! You must make sure your Spring Break survival kit is complete! Wait, …Continue Reading

Ultimate DIY List Of Survival Hacks, Projects and Recipes

Looking for DIY survival hacks, tips, recipes and projects? Keep reading... A lot of people think DIYs are just for fun. When they hear "DIY," they think of cute crafts and recipes. The fact is, DIYing is a truly lifesaving skill, and many DIY enthusiasts have other interests that include homesteading, survival and preparedness. DIY and self-reliance go hand-in-hand, …Continue Reading

How To Get This Amazing DIY Concrete Walkway In 4 Steps

When you want to preserve your lawn or the grass on your front yard, you don't want people to walk around or on them. That's why most people take their time to do some landscaping and plant concrete walkways to guide their visitors on where to walk. But you don't need to spend a lot of money for this project. I will show you this amazing DIY concrete walkway project that you …Continue Reading

10 Creative Backyard Fence Ideas For Your Next DIY Project

Backyard fences don't just add security to your home but it also redefines the aesthetics of your backyards. It gives you the privacy you want plus it makes the landscape more magnificent. So if you're looking for some concepts that you can do, here's a list of backyard fence ideas that can surely make your home more interesting and remarkably eye-catching. Read on to find out …Continue Reading

Brighten The Backyard With These Fantastic DIY Outdoor Lighting Ideas

You know what would make hanging out in your backyard or front yard better? Outdoor lighting. I'm not talking about those fancy lights bought from the store. I'm talking about the DIY outdoor lighting tutorial that we're about to show you. All you need for this project are old wine bottles and basic tools. Search through your used stuff and we just might find the perfect item …Continue Reading

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