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14 DIY Bandana Design Ideas

Exciting Bandana Design Ideas Tired of wearing your bandana in the same old style? Did you know there are bazillion ways to upcycle your bandana into something fab?? This list features some amazing DIY bandana design ideas and projects that are fun & easy! Why not start it with having this Personalized Bandanna and Scarf Kit. It has a video tutorial that you can …Continue Reading

Home Improvements: How to Add Value to Your Home [Infographic]

Home Improvements: How to Add Value to Your Home Home improvements are a big investment and you need to put a serious amount of thought into how much they will cost and budget accordingly. For people who are unsure about their long-term residential plans, the decision is even tougher, as they have to decide whether the improvements are worth the hassle and upheaval if they …Continue Reading

6 DIY Projects All People With a March Zodiac Sign Need to Try

Born under a March Zodiac sign (Aries or Pisces)? We've got DIY projects to match your astrological personality. This post is for you, Fish and Fire! People born under a March zodiac sign -- Aries and Pisces -- are said to have some unique personality traits. According to Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, and that's pretty much how those born under this …Continue Reading

12 IKEA hacks That Will Blow You Away

Love tinkering with your furniture? Then you'll love these IKEA hacks! New home, new season, new family member… whatever the reason you're updating your decor, these IKEA hacks will be useful for you. Instead of spending a small fortune for a more polished look, you can just head to IKEA or upcycle the pieces you already have. Say goodbye to your drab, plain home, and say …Continue Reading

DIY Ant Killer | 5 Ant Killer Recipes You Can Make at Home

Got an ant problem? Here are tried-and-true DIY Ant Killer recipes to make them go away! DIY Ant Killer Everyone loves the sun, right? Yep -- even ants. When the temperature heats up, ants start creeping into your home... House-invading ants can get into your food, damage property or cause stinging bites. These tiny creatures can also cause damage to your plants! Dealing …Continue Reading

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