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Enjoy Your Cool Nights Outdoors With A DIY Stone Fire Pit

You know what's the perfect way to spend a cool night? For me, it would be around a camp fire, surrounded by friends and family, a cool beer in hand, and barbeque on the other. This scenario is best completed with a fire pit that's exactly what you want, not too flashy nor extravagant, but rather simple and efficient. This DIY stone fire pit is just what you need. Enjoy Your …Continue Reading

Turn Your Backyard Into A Camping Area With This DIY Outdoor Fire Pit

What a good time it is to enjoy your outdoors and catch up with family over some backyard campfire. Get those marshmallows heated as conversations get more interesting too. A get together with family, loved ones or friends over this setting will always be memorable. With this, you have to have a fire pit first, don't you think? Now we got you covered. Easily turn your backyard …Continue Reading

Simple Mini Fire Pit Ideas Perfect For Your Small Yard

Lighting up a bonfire can be an eye candy at home or even as you explore the outdoors with these easy-to-do simple mini fire pit ideas. Bond around a bonfire tonight with as you reinvent one of the ideas featured in this post. Stylish Mini Fire Pit DIY Ideas To Warm Up Cold Nights Great conversations over a cup of hot chocolate and a few burnt marshmallow from your mini fire …Continue Reading

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