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Awesome Wood Lamp To Warm Up your Room | DIY Lighting Projects

Having a wood lamp is so convenient. They're a good bedside accessory and source of light when you want a bit of light amidst the darkness.  A small source of illumination sets the mood when you just want to lie in bed and relax. If you agree, then what you need is an awesome wood lamp! It's so easy to make and it provides the best source of light—not too bright so you can rest …Continue Reading

Brighten The Backyard With These Fantastic DIY Outdoor Lighting Ideas

You know what would make hanging out in your backyard or front yard better? Outdoor lighting. I'm not talking about those fancy lights bought from the store. I'm talking about the DIY outdoor lighting tutorial that we're about to show you. All you need for this project are old wine bottles and basic tools. Search through your used stuff and we just might find the perfect item …Continue Reading

How to Make Your Own Wine Bottle Lights

Add a touch of cozy to your home with these beautiful wine bottle lights. Any wine bottle can be transformed into a beautiful piece of home decor – just in time for fall! Check out the tutorial below to learn how you can upcycle an old wine bottle into a hanging light. How to Make Your Own Wine Bottle Lights As the weather starts to get a little cooler, it's always nice to …Continue Reading

DIY Project: The Easiest Way to Update Your Lighting

Want to update the look of your home lighting? Check this easy and cheap way to upgrade your lampshades with a bit of paint. Updating the look of your home lighting creates an immediate change in its overall appearance. Why not redesign your tired old lampshades into fresh and new lighting in no time without breaking the bank. Get ready and make an old home lighting look new …Continue Reading

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