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Garage Organization

How to Make a Teepee for the Kids

How to Make a Teepee tutorial below. This one is courtesy of Julie Blanner and is a fun tutorial for both you and your kids to do for the summer. Check it out below! Learn to Make a Teepee Check out this fun tutorial on how to make a teepee below. You make this cool project with your kids for the summer. They'll be having fun with this neat teepee all summer long. We'll only …Continue Reading

Leftover Paint Projects | Repurpose Your Paint

If you are sitting on extra paint after painting your house on different occasions, don't worry about it going to waste because here are some awesome leftover paint projects to keep you busy this weekend. Different Uses Of Leftover Paint Projects Do you have leftover paint in your garage from all your previous DIY projects? Think your friends might have a bunch of paint lying …Continue Reading

17 Garage Organization Ideas You Must Do This Season

Have you been taunted by the clutters occupying your garage? Get organized and live a more clutter free life with these 17 garage organization ideas! Easy Garage Organization Ideas: Reclaiming Your Space Keeping your garage organized requires proper planning on how to best use your space and maximize storage. Our garage is one of the least used areas in the house, but it is …Continue Reading

The DIY Garage Clutter Buster Guide [Infographic]

Do you want to transform your garage into a functional and organized space? Read on, because we got a DIY garage clutter buster for you!The garage is the one place in the house that can easily get out of control as it's always the 'sure we have space' place. After years of neglect and build-up, it can be an intimidating place in the home to confront. But worry not, because …Continue Reading

Fiber Cement Siding: Advantages That Every Homeowner Should Know [Infographic]

Want to know the advantages of fiber cement siding? Continue reading and check if your house is safe and covered.Choosing the right siding for your house is an equalizing act of durability, maintenance, good looks, and affordability. Choose fiber-cement siding for your home and you might save yourself the time and effort of future paint jobs. Advantages of Fiber Cement …Continue Reading