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20 DIY Summer Fashion Tips To Beat The Heat

lady in blue leaning on a bike | DIY Summer Fashion Tips To Beat The Heat

Looking for some DIY summer fashion tips? Check out these super cool DIY summer fashion hacks to spruce up your summer fashion!

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20 Stylish DIY Summer Fashion Tips

Create Your Summer Fashion Look Without Breaking the Bank

Summer is just around the corner. The warm weather and the sunshine bring new must-try fashion trends!

Instead of breaking your bank for the season, you can use some of our new-found DIY summer fashion tips that will bring you comfort, satisfaction, and envious look from others.

Which summer fashion look will you DIY? Let's find out!

1. DIY Summer Festival Looks


Attending a summer festival? Turn heads with these summer festival looks that will surely flare up the festival celebration of music and art.

Gather your summer festival outfit and prepare your makeup so you won't miss a thing when it begins!

2. DIY Tops and Blouses


Should I say that summer is the perfect season to display creative DIY tops and blouses? Check out your closet, choose your favorite top that has been left unused, and transform it into something new for the perfect warm temperature!

Be ready for the result of your creativity with the help of these DIY tops and blouses ideas.

3. DIY Summer Jewelry


You don’t need to purchase jewelry to complete your summer outfit. You can simply do some DIY summer jewelry and uplift your summer wardrobe to the next level.

This is a perfect stylish idea you can add to your DIY summer fashion tips.

4. DIY Cute and Summery Espadrilles


Espadrilles are your perfect summer stroll companion. They're comfortable, cute, and wonderful for hot and humid temperatures.

Espadrilles Definition: Sandals usually made of canvas that have soles with different heights designed with ropes.

If you want espadrilles that will suit your style and budget, better yet DIY it and keep your extra bucks for some summer flairs!

5. How to Plan Work Outfits for Summer


When it’s too hot outside but the AC is totally blasting inside, how will you have the balance for your outfit? Worry no more, because I’ve found some great tips on how to plan work outfits for summer.

These tips will help you stay cool and fashionable at the same time.

6. Summer Fashion Essentials to Match Your Makeup


When summer is already around the corner, we ladies prepare for a whole new refreshing look to beat the hot rising temperature. While looking for a perfect outfit can be tiring, beat the woes with this helpful list of summer fashion essentials to match your makeup!

7. Classy Beach Outfit


Heading to the beach? Don’t forget to bring a classy beach outfit to stand out amongst the sunbathers.

Knowing what beach outfit will stand out will allow you to own the sun spotlight at the beach. Better be ready than sorry!

8. Dress for Summer Wedding


Attending an outdoor reception for summer weddings? You’ll definitely need an easy DIY dress to impress!

You don't need to buy those pretty ones at a steep price because you can DIY one. Learn how to sew an A-line dress and in no time you'll be dancing your way to attend a summer wedding.

9. Medium-to-Long Summer Hairstyles


If you got the required hair length, then show off your crowning glory with these amazing summer medium-to-long hairstyles! It will surely help emphasize your unique beauty.

10. DIY Summer Tote Bags


If you're new to sewing and looking for the best project this summer, your hunt will end here in these DIY summer tote bags. It has the easiest tutorial steps to follow, very affordable, and you can keep all your summer essentials in just one bag.

Who knows you can even earn from this fulfilling hobby!

11. DIY Summer Shorts and Pants


If you are shorts and pants girl, then making these DIY summer shorts and pants means a lot of fun for you. What’s perfect about these DIY summer fashion tips is you can actually customize it to your heart's desires and fit for the season.

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12. DIY Crochet Crop Top


Is doing crochet your thing? Then, make that crochet crop top that is perfect for summer!

This DIY crochet crop top is a sure winner that suits any budget.

[instagram url= hidecaption=true width=625]

13. DIY Hot Summer Nails


Complete your style with a beautiful tropical fruity nail design. Make sure to choose the exact color that will showcase your love for the vibrant color of the season.

14. No-Sew T-Shirt Tote Bag

Carry all your summer essentials in this no-sew T-shirt tote bag. It’s stylish, fun, and beautiful!

You can never ask for more; it's a must-try DIY.

15. Reconstructed Men’s Shirt to Button-Down Tank Top


This reconstructed men's shirt to button-down tank top is the perfect way to refashion your men’s shirt, and it’s so cute! Super easy to make with just basic sewing skills, you'll have a very useful outfit for warm weather.

16. DIY Boho Maxi Dress


Do you want that cute maxi dress for a friend’s wedding party? Then, this DIY Boho maxi dress is a sure winner to elevate your fashion style without the need for an ample amount of money to burn!

17. DIY Embellished Sunglasses


Elevate your style by having beautifully embellished sunglasses. Simply glue some large fruit embellishment and beautiful rhinestones at the top corner of every lens to transform your sunglasses tropically.

18. DIY Pucker Butt: Bikini Update


This bikini style is all the rage if you want to give your boring bikini a modern update: just add a little picker! It lifts, separates, defines, and makes those buns look fabulous, plus it's a very easy DIY.

I guarantee you'll love this.

19. DIY Summer Skirt


If you’re in need of a summer skirt but don’t have the budget to buy a new one, well, you'll love this Ikea clothing hack: DIY summer skirt is perfect! All you need is throw, zipper, and basic sewing skills.

I'm sure these won't cause you an arm and leg.

20. DIY T-Shirt Summer Dress


This project can serve you a double purpose, beach cover up or DIY summer dress. So, if you enjoy hitting two birds with one stone, this DIY t-shirt summer dress is a perfect project to try this season.


Got time for one more DIY summer fashion tip? How about doing your summer makeup? Let’s watch this video from Jeanine Amapola:

Stay cool or stay hot! It’s not summer without some great DIY summer clothes that will keep you comfortably covered all season long. We'd hope these 20 DIY summer fashion tips covered your summer fashion needs!

Thanks for checking our DIY summer fashion tips post! Which one will you try for your summer escapade? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in August 2016 and has been updated for quality and relevancy.


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