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15 Fun Summer DIY Projects For The Whole Family

Feature | Three people doing papercrafting | Fun Summer DIY Projects For The Whole Family

Don’t miss the chance to make something memorable and have fun with your family this season by doing one of these summer DIY projects!

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Summer DIY Projects You Must Try With Your Family

Fun DIY Projects This Summer

Don’t let your family lounge on the couch all day and waste this awesome, sunny season. Head to the beach, go out for picnics, visit natural parks, and of course, take on a few summer DIY crafts.

Not only do you get to have fun—you enrich your family bond as well. Just remember to encourage everyone in the family to be part of the process.

Continue reading to check out some ideas!

Before we jump right in, we’ve got DIY Meg here to show you how to make a DIY Garden Hose Wreath for your front door this summer! This wreath project takes less than 10 minutes, and costs under $10.

DIY Garden Hose Wreath Supplies:

  • garden hose
  • zip ties
  • flowers
  • ribbon
  • (anything else you wish to add!)How did yours turn out?

Now check out the rest of our family-friendly summer DIY ideas!

1. Playhouse

Summer’s a great time to build a playhouse. Whether it’s cardboard boxes or plywood, as long as you have a good concept and everybody’s help, you should be able to build a decent playhouse.

Instead of making a traditional playhouse, you can turn a cardboard box into a make-believe castle and tree branches and leaves into a realistic survival shelter in your backyard. What’s key here is you’re able to create a nook where your children can play.


2. Herb ‘Garden’ in Pots

Three people doing papercrafting | Fun Summer DIY Projects For The Whole Family
With a few clay pots, seeds (or grown herbs to be transferred in pots), and good soil, you should be able to start creating a potted herb garden. Choose herbs you normally use such as basil, cilantro, oregano, sage, among others.

When these babies are grown enough, you can use them fresh to spice up your meals or you can dry the herbs yourself and store them for future use.


3. Tie-Dye Shirts

Hardly anything beats this classic DIY! It’s simple, fun, and definitely budget-friendly.

All you need are old white t-shirts and tie-dye kits, which are readily available in craft stores and online shops.


4.  Fairy Garden

First, come up with the concept of a fairy garden. Then, determine just how many clay pots you need, the type of plants you want to include in the garden, and the mini structure you like to put up.

Remember, making a fairy garden is easy enough once you’ve gathered all the materials you need. What you just have to do afterward is to put everything into place, as creatively as possible.


5. Foam Paint Art

You just need three ingredients to make your own foam paint: shaving cream, glue, and food coloring. Just put the foam paint in a piping bag and prepare old cardboard boxes to paint on.

Then your family can start creating some fun artwork. Once the art pieces are completed, set them aside to dry overnight.


6. Mason Jar Lanterns

Burning vandle light mason jar | Fun Summer DIY Projects For The Whole Family
The basic materials used in making mason jar lanterns are pliers, old or unused mason jars, a 22 gauge wire, and tea candles. But of course, you need more than these if you want to add a more creative and personal touch to the lanterns.

Painting a boho pattern on the glass or placing pebbles or gravel in the jars are only two of the many, simple ways you could do to beautify your lanterns.


7. Lemonade Stand

Use large cardboard boxes, wooden crates, or old furniture to build a fancy, colorful lemonade stand. The structure does not have to be too complicated.

But make sure the stand is sturdy enough to hold pitchers of lemonade and of course, pretty enough to attract actual customers.

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8. Plant Stands

From old wooden racks to slabs of concrete, there are many materials out there which you can use to make a plant stand. A simple wooden crate can become a decorative plant stand and all you need to do is spice things up by painting it with different colors or giving it a smooth, rustic finishing.


9. Indoor or Outdoor Teepee

With four wooden poles, an old blanket, a long rope, and fasteners, you would be able to build your own teepee. Make the nook even cozier by adding pillows and blankets inside and placing decorative lights around it.


10. Painted Tires as Flower Pots

Instead of throwing old tires away, recycle them into unique flower pots. You don’t really need to do much, unless you want to shape the tire into, say, a teacup.

Just cover the tire with paint and you’ll have a decent, recycled flower pot.


11. Recycled Bird Feeder

There are many ways to make your own bird feeder. You can reuse an old pie tin, drill three or four small holes near the edge, and loop a cord (or attach chains) on each hole.

Fill the pan with bird feed then use the cord or chain to hang the bird feeder from a tree branch.


12. Dream Catcher

Couple holding white dream catcher | Fun Summer DIY Projects For The Whole Family

What you need to make your own dream catcher are hoops, ribbons, nylon strings, embroidery thread, beads, feathers. First, wrap the hoop with ribbons, then, use nylon strings or embroidery thread to weave the web.

Strategically add the beads as you create the web. When the web is done, attach the feathers and few pieces of beads at the bottom of the hoop.


13. Garden Hammock

Photo of bare feet on hammock | Fun Summer DIY Projects For The Whole Family

This summertime, a hammock would be a cool addition to your garden. You can make your own hammock from paracords, old blankets, canvas, or ripstop nylon.

If you don’t have trees in your garden, you can also set up your own hammock stand.


14. Rope Tire Ottoman

Convert old, unused tires into rope-covered ottomans, or even coffee tables. What’s great about this fun project is you can definitely repurpose it in many ways.

You can use the tire ottoman as actual furniture or as a decorative piece in your home.


15. Kites

It’s a great time to fly kites since it’s summer! Plastic shopping bags, paper, and light fabric can be used to make a kite.

Wooden skewers, thin bamboo poles, and drinking straws, meanwhile, can be used to form the frame.


Check out more summer DIY projects in this video by Katie Betzing:

Everyone in the family must be involved in making these cool cheap DIY projects. To make things more interesting, do a contest—like whoever makes the prettiest plant stand gets to win a box of pizza or a day off from doing chores.

Maintain the good vibes, be open to ideas, and keep the process fun and simple.

Do you have any experience in making summer DIY projects? Share your ideas by posting a comment below!



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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on June 28, 2017, and has been updated for quality and relevancy.

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