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DIY Jewelry Ideas To Accessorize Your Summer!

Ever tried making DIY jewelry? If you don’t want to spend a lot but still have quality jewelry you can wear, here’s the greatest roundup of ideas you can try.

DIY Jewelry Roundup

Necklaces, bracelets, rings… I just have to have them all. I’d have to admit, as a woman, I love my jewelry. I can remember a time when I would just go on a shopping spree and buy lots and lots of jewelry. But that’s a thing of the past now. Ever since I had my own family, I know that our budget won’t allow me to go crazy like before. So my solution, DIY jewelry! I figured, why do I have to buy when I can make my own personalized jewelry at the fraction of the cost. So if you’re looking for inspirations and ideas, I’ve rounded up all the DIY jewelry projects I’ve made in the past. You’re welcome!

DIY Jewelry Ideas To Accessorize Your Summer

1. Stunning DIY Necklaces 

Learn how to make DIY necklaces for any occasion. These handmade necklaces are perfect for parties, everyday, and even work. Read more about it here.


2. Wire Jewelry

Got some wire? Personalize it by learning these 4 trendy techniques.


3. DIY Resin Jewelry

Press some flowers and make this DIY resin jewelry. So lovely!


4. Silver Bee Pendant

Love bees? This tiny and delicate pendant will be perfect for your or your bee-lover friend. Tutorial here.


5. DIY Beaded Bracelets

Your beads will go a long way. Get the tutorial and make any one of these DIY beaded bracelets.



6. Sea Glass DIY Jewelry 

Learn how to drill sea glass and turn it into any kind of jewelry or accessory.


7. Paracord Bracelets

Tap into your survivalist side and make cool paracord bracelets. They’re not just trendy, they can also save your life.


8. DIY Hemp Macrame Friendship Bracelets

Feature | Cool DIY Bracelets | how to make bracelet

It’s time to learn how to make friendship bracelets! With some basic knot tying and string, you can quickly make these colorful hemp bracelets for all your friends.


9. Yarn Wrapped DIY Bracelet

The easiest DIY jewelry you can possibly personalize and make. Check it out here.


10. Coin Rings

Patience is your friend in this craft project but trust me, the result is stunning. Tutorial here.


11. DIY Jewelry Ombre Paint Chip Chevron Necklace

Something super easy, it will cost something that’s close to nothing. Steps here.


12. DIY Braided Bracelets

Take your chain bracelet to the next level by adding a little braid. See how here.


13. DIY Tassel Earrings 

Make a statement earring you can customize. Try making one for every color you have in your wardrobe. Read more about it here.


14. DIY Wire Wrapping 

Want to learn a new skill? Find out how you can start wire wrapping for stunning DIY wire jewelries.


15. DIY Anklet

Now that you know the basics to wire wrapping, put it to good use by making a DIY anklet!


16. Guitar String Ring 

Replacing your guitar strings? Don’t throw the old ones away. Repurpose them by making your own DIY guitar string ring.


17. DIY Friendship Bracelets

Why settle for one kind of friendship bracelet when you can make one kind especially for each of your friends. Take your pick here.


18. Cool DIY Bracelets

If you’re looking for more cool DIY bracelets, you won’t run out of supply here.


19. Upcycled Bracelet Ideas 

Did you know that there are things lying around your house that you can easily upcycle into gorgeous jewelry? Get the ideas here.


20. Cheap DIY Jewelry Projects for Girls

Got little girls? Let them make their own DIY jewelry by sharing one of these projects. Get them here.


Want to try a boho look? Try DIY boho jewelry by following this tutorial from Niki Maragos:


Which DIY jewelry are you trying today? Let us know below in the comments! 

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