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30 Easy And Fun Summer Crafts | DIY Projects

Feature | Happy kids doing arts and crafts together at their desk | Easy And Fun Summer Crafts | DIY Projects

These quick and easy summer crafts will help you spend the sunny season in style!

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Easy Summer Crafts You Can Make in a Flash

1. Make Summer Lanterns


With items around the house, you can easily make these adorable homemade tin lanterns! Just poke some small holes around the tin using a nail and a hammer.

Then, place a candle in the base of the tin and light it up. They make the perfect picnic table lighting option!

2. DIY Shorts And Halter Top (No Sew)


These DIY for pompom shorts and scarf halter top are super easy and fun to make — awesome for the summer! Just make sure to slip a piece of cardboard in between your shorts so they won’t glue together when sticking the pompoms on.

3. Denim Cutoffs Wine Bag


I love this denim cutoffs wine bag. It will surely give your wine night at the beach a classy touch.

With just the bottoms of your cut-off jeans and a little bit of sewing skill, you’ll have the cutest bottle carrier ever!

4. DIY Painted Beach Ball Makeover


Who doesn’t want their own custom giant beach ball? This is one of the best summer crafts for adults, kids, and all beach lovers.

Customize your clear, plain beach ball with any color and design to your heart’s desires, and you’re on your way to having the best pool party activity!

5. Create Sweet Summer Dreams Dreamcatcher


Learn how to create this lovely dreamcatcher and dream up a wonderful piece all your own. Designing your dreamcatcher to fit your personality is so easy with the help of beads, ribbons, paint, feathers, glitter, rhinestones, and your imagination.

6. Make Your Own Beaded Cocktail Stirrers


Assemble these beaded cocktail stirrers before your dinner party! They’re quick and easy to create.

You just need some wooden dowels, copper jewelry wire, colorful beads, and a pair of scissors to make these adorable cocktail stirrers perfect for any summer cocktail. It will surely excite your guests!

7. Mini Charcoal Grill Centerpiece


These creative and unique mini charcoal grill centerpieces are perfect for a camping party theme. Simply arrange melamine bowls in a trio for your table centerpiece, fill them with crushed charcoal, and top them with decorative food or signs.

Seriously one of the best summer crafts for DIYers who love to throw themed parties!

8. Make A DIY Camera Strap


Upgrade your old, ugly camera strap into a fashionable one made from a soft floral scarf. To make your DIY camera strap, you need a scarf, chain closures, split rings, a scrap of leather and a few sewing tools!

You can either hand or machine stitch around the edge of the leather.

9. Gingham Style Sunglasses Case


Keep your sunglasses scratch-free and safe with this cute sunglasses case. You can use lining with coordinating or contrasting colors of your favorite fabrics and finish it off with an elastic opening to keep your sunnies inside.

So cute, right? Just in time for the summer sunshine!

10. DIY Beach Towel Tote Bag


Transform an old beach towel into a capacious beach bag, loaded up with everyone’s stuff. Who wouldn’t enjoy that?

What you’ll need for this project is one old beach towel with a thick coordinating ribbon. Just fold the towel in half and sew up two sides, leaving the top side open (the one opposite to the folded side). Finish off by pinning the straps to the inside top edge of the bag.

Your beach bag is ready for the beach. Oh, by the way, you can also add a bow using a sarong to the front of the bag. Lovely!

 11. Make a Homemade Butterfly Feeders


Bring magical beauty to your yard with the help of these adorable butterfly feeders. To make these jar and plate butterfly feeders, you just need an acrylic plate, a glass jar, string, a wire plate holder, sugar, water, and a few other supplies and you’re on your way to attracting more butterflies to your yard.

Just make sure not to add too much sugar to the food mixture, it may dehydrate the butterflies.

12. Make A Summer Cheese Tray


Make a summer cheese serving tray out of wooden slabs, chalkboard paint, and some chalk. How cute!

You can write names or numbers on the chalkboard using chalk ink and reuse them for another event after cleaning it with a wet towel. Brilliant idea!

13. Make DIY Gemstone Bobby Pins


Dress up your hairstyle with one of the most adorable summer crafts: gemstone bobby pins. It’s super easy and inexpensive to make.

You can use old and broken jewelry and disassemble them for this DIY. Lay out your design, glue the main gemstone first onto the bobby pin, then glue other stones into it.

Summer DIY crafts like these are also great as tween crafts for slumber parties!

14. Make A Summer Set Up For Date Night


Take your dinner outdoors this summer and set up a nature-inspired design with nature itself. Put your table runner, plates, chargers, utensils, tray, linens, centerpieces, cocktail napkins, and some paper straws together to create a rustic tabletop.

This makes a great project for a cool summer night!

15. Make A Coconut Lavender Ingrown Hair Treatment


If you’re an East or West Coaster, you know that summer means lots of bikini days. Lots of bikini days mean many days spent shaving or waxing.

Ingrown hairs are a total bummer and can make you not want to leave your room. But all you need is a little bit of oil.

Simply mix all ingredients (coconut oil, lavender oil, and tea tree oil) together and store it in a sealable container. Apply a small amount after waxing, or shaving, and rub in until absorbed.

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 16. Make Summer Drink Coasters With Some Mod Podge


Make these awesome DIY drink coasters with some mod podge and a little creativity! To make these coasters, you need some white bathroom tiles, spray paint, vinyl for a stencil, Decoupage, and a few small felt circles.

Start doing all sorts of designs and colors you want with your coasters for less than a buck.

17. Make Some Papier Mache Summer Fruit Bowls


With summer fruit designs – melon bowls, orange bowls, and lemon bowls – these papier mache summer fruit bowls make great summer holiday projects.

To start making your papier mache bowls, you need some shredded paper, bowls for soaking and molding, acrylic paint, a paintbrush, a few other supplies you can find right in your kitchen, and a bit of creativity. They’re inexpensive, easy to make, eco-friendly, and make great summer crafts for kids!

18. Make A Teepee Fort Out Of Sticks & Silks


See this beautiful teepee fort made with some rope, sticks and a few pieces of fabric? Picture this on the beach in the summertime!

Such a wonderful way to create everyday summer memories together with your family.

19. Make Your Own DIY Sunscreen


The summer sun can be pretty taxing if you don’t wear sunscreen! Most store-bought sunscreens contain harmful chemicals that aren’t necessarily safe for your skin.

Try your hand at making your own DIY sunscreen with this delicious-smelling recipe. Simply, combine and melt down the shea butter and coconut oil.

Blend in the rest of the ingredients (beeswax and zinc powder) together well. Store in a sealable jar for up to 1 month.

20. Create Your Own DIY Driftwood Mirror


Okay, one of the coolest projects on this roundup for sure. If you’ve got a summer hideaway spot, then this is definitely the project for you.

All you need to do is collect some driftwood from the beach during your leisurely strolls. Nab a dollar-store mirror and start creating your own DIY driftwood mirror.

 21. Flip Flop Summer Wreath


Welcome the summer season with this flip flop summer door sign. Simply place 7 colorful flip flops on a piece of cardboard.

Then, glue the 1st, 3rd, 5th, and 7th slippers on the cardboard (make sure there is enough space between slippers to give room for other slippers). Next, glue remaining slippers on top of the spaces made by the first batch of slippers.

Spell out “Welcome” on the slippers. Embellish your door sign with some artificial flowers and butterflies.

Then, finish off with a ribbon, and then hang it on your door.

22. Tie Dye A Shirt


Transform your old, plain white cotton tee into a beautiful rainbow piece. You can either buy individual dyes, plastic gloves, and rubber bands, or you can buy a dye kit (which includes everything you need) and have all the work done for you. Enjoy your colorful summer!

23. Melted Bead Suncatchers


These melted bead suncatchers are easy to make and will last well past the season. All you need to do is layer your plastic beads in a cake pan, melt them in an oven, let cool, and flip it out.

Then, drill a hole in it and hang it up to make a dazzling suncatcher. Lovely!

24. Pineapple Candy Jar


To make this, you only need a mason jar, spray paint, black paint pen with a fine tip, and faux succulent. Simply spray paint the jar yellow and draw some triangle shapes around the jar with the paint pen.

Then, fill it up with some treats and add the succulent. This pineapple candy jar is a perfect back to school teacher’s gift.

25. Make A No Sew Sun Pillow


This cuddly no new sun pillow will definitely brighten up your day. This project is created using felt fabric (orange, yellow, and black), scissors, pins, tape, glue, and stuffing, that are all easy to find.

It only takes a little time to put together, too!

26. DIY Seashell Planter


Bring the beach back home with this DIY seashell planter. This is one of the easy craft projects for adults which can be a token of your summer vacation.

All you need to do is collect a few seashells and glue them around outside surface of your flower pots. These earthy shells will definitely help bring the beachy, tropical feel to your planter.

27. Summer Fruit Trays


Make your next summer picnic more fun and exciting with these colorful summer fruit trays using standard table rounds and metal spoons for handles. Just make sure to seal your table rounds with acrylic coating after painting to make it nice and sturdy.

28. Bendable Fabric Flower


Bring lively summer color to your desk or to your kitchen table with this pretty bendable flower made from colorful fabric scraps and pipe cleaners. This beauty also looks adorable in the garden, but make sure to bring them inside before the rainy season starts!

29. Summer Beaded Barefoot Sandals


Bare it all this summer with these summer beaded barefoot sandals! If you’re looking for more fun summer crafts for tweens, this is it.

Gather all your colorful beads, jewelry cord, glue, clear nail polish, and a pair of scissors, and get ready to make your feet Instagram-worthy. Just make sure the sandal fits your foot!

30. Create A Picture Frame From Seashells


Create your own photo frames perfect for summer pictures using your shell collection, a wooden frame, glue, and a brush. Simply glue your seashells nicely on the edges of your frame.

It’s a great way to keep busy and breathe new life to your shell collection.


Watch this video from Ann Le for more summer crafts you can DIY!

There you have it, crafters. Our awesome summer crafts round-up.

Whether you love sewing, crafting with paper, or creating accessories, these cool summer crafts will definitely keep you busy all summer. Happy summer crafting!

Which of these summer crafts are you most interested in? Let us know in the comments section below!



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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on April, 2015, and has been updated for quality and relevancy.



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