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16 Fun and Easy Summer Crafts for Kids

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Summer Crafts for Kids are great to keep yourself and  your family occupied for the summer. No need to worry about how you’re going to come up with creative ideas for the little ones. We have some great ideas.

Fun  Summer Crafts for Kids

1.Microwave Paint

Learn to make this fun and colorful microwave paint here


2. Butterfly Wings

Fulfill your little girl’s butterfly dreams by making her this adorable pair of wings using cardboard. Check here for tutorial.



3.Tin Can Windsocks

You can make this fun windsocks using some empty tin cans, strings and some paint. Full tutorial here

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4.Paper Plate Turtle

How adorable is this colorful little turtle? How kids will love playing with this fun craft toy as much as you’ll enjoying making it with them.


5.Paper Plate Fan

The summer is already a scorcher and it promises to get even hotter. So this kids craft will certainly come in handy. Its probably the easiest one on the list too,just cut a plate in half, and add some sticks for handles.


6.Paper Tambourine

Thanks to you can make your kid a cute paper plate tambourine that won’t be as noisy as the real thing.


7. Crafty kaleidoscope

An empty Pringles bottle can easily transition into a cool kaleidoscope  that will keep your little ones occupied for hours on end.

8.Pasta Necklace

Pasta makes for a delicious meal, but it also serves as a fun Summer Crafts for Kids as well. All you need are the pasta pieces, strings and colored paint. See post here


9.Paper Frisbee

Your little ones will spend hours outside throwing these easy paper Frisbee back and forth. Here’s the easy tutorial

10. Sand Collage

Heading to the beach with your kids this summer?  let them bring home some sand and you can create this cool sand art collage by redtedart


11.Yarn flowers

theresourcefulmama came up with a great idea to make flowers using yarn and paper plates.


12. Pinwheel

Check out Sugar Bee Craft’s pinwheel idea as shown here on the Idea Room.


13.Bottle Cap Bugs

These adorable bugs from Artzy Creations are actually made from bottle caps. You can find the full tutorial here.


14. Fish in a bag Slime

My Frugal adventures has a brilliant idea using slime and a few fake fish to create this cute fish-in-a bag idea. Your kids will love this one.


15.Pool Noodle Monsters

Great for playing in the pool and out the pool if you transform them into these little monsters like Create Craft Love did!


16. Luggage Toys

Handmade Charlotte shows us how to make the absolute cutest luggage toys you’ve ever seen.


That’s all folks, did you love our summer craft ideas? We sure hope so but let us know in the comment section below.

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