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Backyard Projects To Enjoy Time Outdoors This Summer

Smiling young woman marking with a pencil where to cut a wooden plank for a backyard fence | Backyard Projects To Enjoy Time Outdoors This Summer | Featured

Are you looking for DIY backyard projects for this summer? Look no further! Keep reading to get your hands on this list of creative projects you can do in your backyard.

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DIY Backyard Projects for Outdoor Fun!

1. 11 Camping Snack Recipes

cooking-food-on-fire-blurred-background | simple backyard ideas
Take a look at these delicious camping snack recipes to try on your next camping trip. They’re so easy to make – you’ll spend more time passing them around the campfire than preparing them!

2. 18 Easy Backyard Projects To DIY With The Family

mason-jar-candle-hanging-on-tree | backyard diy projects
Turn these easy backyard projects into a family activity. Check out which furniture pieces you and the kids can make on your next DIY weekend!

3. Build Your Own Floating Deck | Step-By-Step Guide To A More Relaxing Backyard

perspective-view-contemporary-pacific-northwest-home | backyard ideas on a budget patios
We have a great front yard and enjoy spending time in it. However, it is right on the sidewalk and street, so there is a high volume of people passing by.

And while I love to say “hi” to my neighbors and wave to friends passing by, it’s also nice to have a little private area to unwind. Now, understand that “private” in a city is relative.

If we truly wanted to be totally private, we’d have to build a dome and, well, you don’t move to a city to be isolated. So instead, we built a floating deck to relax in our backyard.

4. Essential Garden Deck Repairs: DIY Fixes

installing-wood-on-deck-patio-construction | large backyard ideas
Deck repairs are essential if you want to get the most out of your outdoor sanctuary. These deck repairs will make sure your garden deck is as beautiful as nature itself!

5. Backyard Furniture Projects You Can DIY

white-macrame-swing-hanging-garden-| backyard building projects
Amp up your yard’s wow-factor with cool backyard furniture. The best part is, most of these DIY projects use upcycled materials, saving you a few bucks!

Dave and I love backyard furniture pieces made of upcycled materials. We tend to be pretty sentimental when it comes to our things so we’re not big fans of throwing anything away.

In line with this, here are some backyard and outdoor furniture projects you can make from materials you probably already have at home.

6. Outdoor Storage Bench Seat For The Yard | DIY Project

 recycled-wood-exterior-bench-table-made | free backyard makeover
Make an outdoor storage bench seat to save space in your backyard. This tutorial gives you a guide to DIYing one from scratch.

7. 687 DIY Outdoor Projects | The Ultimate List

diy-raised-wooden-beds-garden-landscape | cheap diy garden ideas
These DIY outdoor projects will make family time more enjoyable and give you more reasons to spend afternoons out in the backyard!

8. DIY Concrete Side Table For Your Patio

photography-of-side-table-near-bed | diy backyard ideas on a budget
Itching to get creative with a concrete side table? This guide will help you create a table worthy of Pinterest!

9. A DIY Hanging Daybed Plan For Outdoors

Spend springtime (or anytime) on an outdoor hanging daybed. This DIY teaches you to build your dream daybed for a relaxing siesta in style.

10. DIY Giant Connect Four For Your Backyard

Make a giant Connect Four game to keep the family entertained during the weekend! Here’s a how-to guide to constructing it from scratch.

11. Inexpensive DIY Smoker Grill Ideas For Your BBQ Party

smoke-coming-out-smokestack-small-black | backyard building projects
Be the best host in your upcoming BBQ party as you show off your inexpensive DIY smoker grill! Get ready to get your hands dirty as you try to re-create the smoker grills featured on this list.

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12. Safe and Easy Homemade Bubble Solution Ideas For Kids

young-mixed-race-mother-daughter-blowing | weekend backyard projects
You can purchase a pre-made bubble solution at minimal cost, but creating your own homemade bubble solution brings more fun than ever! Make buckets of it and you’ll have an unlimited supply to use anytime the mood strikes!

13. Try This Homemade Slip N Slide For Summer Fun

happy-child-on-water-slide-cool | outdoor diy projects for beginners
Fill your summer with joy and laughter by playing on this homemade slip n slide. Make this DIY summer project and make some unforgettable family summer memories right in your backyard.

14. Simple Mini Fire Pit Ideas Perfect For Your Small Yard

mini-campfire-pit-after-used-showing | simple diy outdoor projects
Lighting up a bonfire can make for some eye candy at home or even as you explore the outdoors with these easy-to-do simple mini fire pit ideas. Bond around a bonfire tonight with as you recreate one of the easy outdoor projects featured in this post.

15. 20 DIY Summer Games To Entertain Kids This Weekend

large-group-kids-friends-boys-girls | how to make your backyard fun
Looking for some DIY summer games to entertain kids? If you are, then turn your next family summer game night into your next DIY project!

16. 10 DIY Hammock Stand Ideas

sunny-wooden-hammock-standing-green-garden | backyard ideas
Start working on a DIY hammock stand and be ready to reach peak relaxation this summer!

17. Make Memories With Your Kids With These DIY Treehouse Tips

happy-cute-kid-playing-treehouse-summer | backyard garden ideas
Looking for backyard building projects? Have fun with your kids this summer by building a DIY treehouse together! Check out this post for some tips!

18. Outdoor Pallet Projects For DIY Furniture

These outdoor pallet projects will sharpen your woodworking skills while producing backyard accents the family will love! Find one to start today!

19. 13 Backyard BBQ Ideas

friends-enjoying-barbecue-time-nature | creative backyard ideas
Every backyard BBQ party is a festive way to spend summers with friends and family. Check out all of our awesome DIY projects and fun recipe ideas for on-the-fly potluck-style BBQ’s.

20. How to Build an Amazing Screened-In Porch Yourself

homeowner-works-on-repairing-door-screened | diy backyard ideas
There is nothing like sitting outside and enjoying a glass of wine on a cool night. If you’re looking to build an inexpensive screened-in porch yourself, you’ll love this article that proves it’s totally possible!

In this article, James explains how to build a screened-in porch for yourself.

21. How to Build a Beautiful Build a Natural Stone Walkway

stone-walkway-winding-garden | cheap backyard landscaping ideas
Sometimes, we want to add something to the interior or exterior of our home to give it a little more pizzazz. If you’re looking to make some changes to your backyard or front yard, a natural stone walkway can be a beautiful idea!

In this article, James explains how to build a natural stone walkway.

22. Build a Garden Bridge: Increase Your Property Value

beautiful-bridge-over-stream-summer-park | backyard ideas with pool
If you’re thinking of a way to get a higher property value because you want to sell your house, there is an easy way! By building a garden bridge, you’ll sure to get a better appraisal of your home.

23. DIY Beach Party Ideas For Your Beach-Themed Celebration

beach-themed-ocean-wedding-reception-decorations | backyard ideas for small yards
Throw a smashing summer party with beach party ideas that will make you feel like you’re celebrating right on the beach. Summer always reminds us of the fun we have at the seaside.

Who says we can’t have beach fun without actually being there? Let’s bring the beach to the backyard instead of our own beach party menu and decor ideas.

From fun games to delicious treats, you won’t run out of party ideas to make it one to remember!

With this list, you can choose DIY projects and easy backyard ideas that are creative and fun to do! Do it with your family and have an awesome time this summer.

Do you have other backyard projects to share? Leave them in the comments section below!


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Backyard Projects To Enjoy Time Outdoors This Summer | Placard

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on July 13, 2018, and has been updated for quality and relevancy.


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