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21 On A Budget DIY Landscaping Ideas To Transform Your Outdoor Space

If you have been thinking of upgrading your outdoor space and you already have a few landscaping ideas in mind, you should really go for it. Your landscape may need some love, care, and changes here and there. I can no longer count the number of times I improved or re-did my entire front yard just because I want it to look good. But your budget should not be a hindrance to  landscaping projects. After all, you can forego professional help and just do it yourself. The bottom line here is that the following DIY landscaping ideas we are about to show you are guaranteed to transform your outdoor space.

Landscaping Ideas That Won’t Break The Bank

Spruce up your front yard without going broke. How? Go nuts with cheap landscaping ideas that you can DIY. It’s almost the same with buying stuff. The difference? You add your personal touch to it, and you can customize your project according to how you like it. You can also recycle your old items and create something useful out of it. Read on to have ideas for your landscape.


1. Backyard DIY Pond Project for Beginners

Backyard DIY Pond Project for Beginners | 21 On A Budget DIY Landscaping Ideas To Transform Your Outdoor Space
Image via diyprojects

Add a water feature to make your outdoor area interesting. Start easy with this DIY backyard pond. Get the full tutorial here.

2. DIY Toadstools

Our backyard also serves as our recreational area, so having toadstools will be a convenient choice. Click here for more details.

3. Creeping Sedum for your Backyard

This interesting plant is something that will definitely make your outdoor unique. It grows fast, and it will define your stepping areas as well. Details here.

4. Garden Light: Illuminated Planters

Lighting can also be about illuminated planters, don’t limit your creativity with just the usual. Read more about this project here.

5. Build A Tree Bench

It’s not just your typical 2×4 bench, because this one’s around your tree. What a cozy space it would be for some afternoon reading. Click here to know more about this project.

6. 4 Steps To An Enthralling DIY Puzzled Concrete Walkway Project

4 Steps To An Enthralling DIY Puzzled Concrete Walkway Project | 21 On A Budget DIY Landscaping Ideas To Transform Your Outdoor Space
Image via diyprojects

Your walkway is not just a functional piece for easier outdoor walking, it is also a decorative statement that will complement your personal style. Get the tutorial here.

7. DIY Landscape Lighting

Why not fuse lighting and style? This worthy addition to your yard will totally be a conversation – starter. More details about this project here.

8. DIY Mosaic Tile Table

Of course, you need furniture outside. Since you need one, you can also make it as unique as possible, like this mosaic table. It’s so appealing! Get the details here.

9. Cheap flowers to add to your garden

What is landscape without beauteous flowers? You don’t have to plant those that can leave you broke, because there are types of plants and flowers that are perfect for your space and are cheap. Know more here.

10. DIY Pergola

Add a pergola to your abode to increase its aesthetic appeal, but more so because of the function the pergola provides. Tutorial here.

11. DIY Succulent Planter

This structured piece will add appeal to your yard. Whether mounted to a wall or strategically arranged together with other plants, you will totally love this one! Get the tutorial here.

12. DIY Paver Patio

Seriously, who wouldn’t love this type of patio? Enough said, head here to get the full tutorial for this awesome project.

13. DIY Outdoor Seating

This outdoor seating is interestingly made from cinder blocks and wood. With just these primary materials, you can have a bench already. Full details here.

14. Rhubarb Leaf Stepping Stones

Skip buying molds at stores and create your own design, like these leaves for your yard. Get the details here.

15. Awesome DIY Log Lounger Project For Your Backyard

Repurpose those logs you have lying there and create a lounger out of it. It will be a perfect piece for your backyard furniture. Get the full tutorial here.

16. Propagate roses inexpensively

Add roses to the flowers you already have in your yard. Roses create more impact! Know how to have roses inexpensively by clicking here.

17. Pallet Garden on Wheels

This planter on wheels is such a convenience, and it’s totally affordable because it’s made out of pallets. Get the details for this project here.

18. DIY Sprinkler

Upcycle those plastic bottles you have and turn them into DIY sprinklers. Amazing, right? Get the full tutorial here and make one for your yard, stat!

19. DIY Moss Graffiti

If moss graffiti is new for you, well you better add this to your list of backyard projects. It will make your outdoors more beautiful. More details here.

20. DIY Bird Feeders

Lure the birds to your garden by putting bird feeders. It’s totally easy to make. Get the tutorial here.

21. DIY shuttlecock lights garland

String lights create impact to your backyard, but it will be one of a kind if you upcycle shuttlecocks and use it with the lights. Achieve this project by clicking here.


Want something modern? Check out this video from Beautiful DIY about modern landscape ideas:

You don’t have to worry if you can’t spruce up your outdoor space because you might leave your bank account empty. There are budget-friendly ways to improve your landscape!

Which of these landscaping ideas are you planning to try? Let us know in the comments section below!

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