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A Simple Backyard DIY Pond Project For Beginners

Your outdoor space is already awesome as it is. Want to make it cooler? Why don’t we add something that you and your family will appreciate and enjoy? A water fixture to add to your picturesque landscape will do the trick. Add a pond to your garden. Yes, a pond! You can have fish and plants in it, and add interesting items too. Think how magnificent your space will be. Don’t worry, a backyard DIY pond is very easy to do. Read on as we show you how simply it’s done.

A Simple Backyard DIY Pond Project For Beginners

Spruce up your garden with this amazing addition

Play with your outdoor space and consider creating a pond. Why? It adds to the aesthetic appeal of the area, and it also gives you more reason to take care of diverse beings. You can add fish, and then add more plants that will go with the pond. This pond is an easy DIY, so don’t waste time and do one now. Below are what you will need and the steps.


  • Rope
  • Pond Liner
  • Pond Filter Kit
  • Stones (limestones or various types flagstones)
  • Chlorine Remover
  • Pond Spitter


  • Shovel
  • Dirt Wagon


1. Prepare the area for the pond

Map out the area where the pond will be placed. Use a rope in doing so. The length of the rope will depend on how big you or wide you want your pond to be.

2. Dig out the area

Dig out the area and level the dirt if needed.

3. Lay the liner

Lay the liner. When laying the liner, place a 10 to 12-inch overhang. You can purchase a pond liner in your nearest hardware store or you can check out this link.

4. Fill the pond with water

Fill the pond with water and stop at the halfway point.

5. Assemble the pond filter kit

Attach parts of the pond filter kit with the pump. Pond filter kit is available in your local hardware store or you can check it out here.

6. Attach a water spitter

Attach a water spitter (a ceramic frog spitter was used for this project) on the other end of the water tubing.

7. Place the pump assembly

Place the pump assembly at the center and continue filling the pond with water.

8. Add chlorine remover

Add a chlorine remover before introducing any fish or plants to your water.

9. Smooth out wrinkles

Smooth out any wrinkles in the liner as you continue to fill the pond.

10. Secure the liner

Once the pond is full, secure the liner with stones. The popular choices for pond stones are limestones, river stones and various types of flagstones.

Add floating lilies and other things you want to add, and enjoy your newly installed DIY backyard pond!


Viola! Your DIY backyard pond is done!

Watch the full video tutorial for this DIY project below:

What a beautiful addition this would be in your garden. You have more reason to enjoy your garden space and chill or accommodate more visitors, given your newest house attraction. This backyard DIY pond is quick and easy to do, so if you have nothing to do this weekend, go ahead and create your very own pond.

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