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10 Creative Backyard Fence Ideas For Your Next DIY Project

Backyard fences don't just add security to your home but it also redefines the aesthetics of your backyards. It gives you the privacy you want plus it makes the landscape more magnificent. So if you're looking for some concepts that you can do, here's a list of backyard fence ideas that can surely make your home more interesting and remarkably eye-catching. Read on to find out more about it.

10 Creative Backyard Fence Ideas For Your Next DIY Project

Backyard fences can accentuate your already awesome patio and garden. They don't only protect you from trespassers that are trying to enter your property but they also keep your neighbor's dogs from littering in your garden. I suddenly remember that saying “good fences make good neighbors” which is definitely true. It can also add value to your house. So on that note, scroll down and check out this creative backyard fence ideas that you can easily build.

1. Wooden Fence With Gravel And Plants

Backyard Fence Ideas

The combination of coated timber, gravel and plants make is pleasing to the eyes. Using oil to coat the wood deepens the hue turning it to golden honey to a rich earthy brown color.

2. Bamboo Fence

Backyard Fence Ideas

Using bamboo in making fences adds a rustic appeal to your backyards. It turns your backyard into a naturally calming spot.

3. Cor-Ten Cattails Sculptural Fence

Backyard Fence Ideas

This cattail design can catch the eyes of whoever sees it. The fence is made of Cor-Ten, a steel alloy that has a natural rich dark rust color. And take note –it does not corrode.

4. Wooden Fence For Back Yard Patio

Backyard Fence Ideas

A horizontal wooden fence that matches your backyard patio truly defines the meaning of simplicity. It reminds me of an old adage “simplicity is beauty”.

5. Corrugated Metal Fences

This one is truly a product of DIY. A corrugated metal fence is easy to do yet can provide the protection and privacy for you and your family.

6. Urban Garden

Backyard Fence Ideas

If you have a Japanese-inspired garden then this wooden horizontal fence will highlight its oriental design. It encompasses serenity, privacy, and protection.

7. Yard Fence Design

Backyard Fence Ideas

This simple wooden fence makes your backyard an amazing extension of your home. The natural look of this backyard fence can match any type of lawn. If you're looking for more modern backyard fence design, check out this link.

8. Modern Planter Fence

This design is one of my personal favorites. The horizontal wooden panel matches the plants perfectly. It mesmerizingly accentuates the aesthetics of the whole backyard. Check out this link for more modern planter fence designs.

9. Slatted Outdoor Privacy Fence

This design can make your outdoor space a personal haven. There's nothing intricate about the design but it can give you the privacy that you want.

10. Unoffending Fence

With a fence like this, surely your neighbors won't have a hard time wondering what's happening inside your property. That maxim “If you have it, flaunt it” is definitely appropriate if you're into this type of backyard fence. If safety and privacy are not an issue and your house has a gorgeous interior then why not try installing this one. For more beautiful outdoor, check it out here.

Watch this video from Backyard Ideas : backyard burger, backyard grill, backyard bbq, backyard baseball for more backyard fence ideas :

Backyard fences can make your backyards private, safe and beautiful. There are a lot of fence designs that you can choose from but you need to make sure that it will blend or accentuate your outdoor spaces. Your style and preference should match your budget. It does not necessarily mean that you have to spend a lot just to make it beautiful. You just need to be more creative and budget-wise and for sure, you'll come up with designs that can catch the interest of others. Believe me. I have been into DIY projects since I was a young buck. If there's anything you want to add to this list, feel free to do so through the comments below.

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