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30 DIY Backyard Projects To Try This Spring | DIY Projects

There’s no better way to welcome spring than by making these DIY backyard projects. During this season, your backyard is the part of the house you’ll probably use the most– so now’s the best time to upgrade it with DIY backyard projects. These projects range from the easiest to slightly complex, so everyone will find something they’ll enjoy! Whether you’re a rookie or a pro, with money to burn or limited funds, you’ll love making your own DIY backyard makeover.

DIY Backyard Projects to Give Life to Your Garden

1. Mound Slide

Spring is the perfect time for some outdoor fun. It’s not too hot or not too cold for kids to spend some time playing in the backyard. For this simple slide, you’ll just have to get some soil and form them into a mound. It’s important for the mound to be firm so the slide doesn’t wobble. Make slight depressions on the mound where you’ll put the slide in place, and assemble a few boulders to create steps leading to the slide. Voila! A pocket playground!

2. Modern Wireless Speakers

Bring life to your backyard by blasting your favorite music with these modern speakers. It’s not the easiest project but definitely not that difficult. The basic principle is to assemble the internal arrangement of a speaker into an exterior you can carry with you as you go to the backyard. This guide has all the things you need to take note of.

3. DIY Temporary Brick Grill

Catch up with your loved ones over some barbecue and grilled food in your backyard! This temporary brick grill is probably one of the best DIY backyard building projects out there. Simply align the bricks around the metal grill and throw in some coal. Easy!

4. DIY Tire See-Saw

If you’ve always wanted to spend quality time with your kids in your backyard, this is the DIY backyard project for you. All you need is an old tractor tire, a saw to cut it with, and a sturdy board of white pine for the see-saw itself. Assembling and decorating the see-saw is up to you, as long as it follows the technical balance it needs.

5. Covered Kiddie Car Parking Garage

Now you can have some backyard fun and trick your kids into cleaning up their toys, thanks to DIY backyard projects! You’ll have to cut the PVC pipes with a saw to make the skeleton of the kiddie car parking garage. Once you’re happy with the structure, screw the plastic roof panel on top of the PVC pipes, and cut the fabric to make curtains. Now, every playtime ends with a neat and organized backyard!

6. Picnic Caddy

Here’s an adorable caddy to hold your picnic needs for when you want to share some snacks in the lovely spring weather. For the caddy itself, you’ll need an old planter, sanded and painted to suit your taste. Purchase some mason jars and spray paint them with frosted glass and paint the lids to match the caddy.

7. DIY Potting Station

Failing to plant this season means failing to appreciate the beauty of spring! Here’s a potting station to help you find your green thumb. All you need is an old crate and trays to hold all your planting essentials. Paint them to match the beauty of your backyard and find the perfect spot to put all of them—preferably where there are ample sun and air.

8. DIY Curved Fire Pit Bench

Let’s be honest, your fire pit doesn’t really have to be in use this spring but it’s always nice to gather around it and have a relaxing time. To do that, you’ll need this curved fire pit bench plan to add to your DIY garden projects. Once you understand the plan, it’s all about assembling the pressure-treated wood boards together, painting them, and adorning them with your favorite pillows.



9. Pallet Cooler

This awesome cooler will keep your beers cool and your backyard conversations cooler. If you have an old fridge, don’t throw it out just yet. This guide can show you how to dress it in rustic pallet wood to build this pallet cooler! It’s also important to coat it with waterproof seal and add handles so it’s easier to use.

10. DIY Cedar Pallet Succulent Planter

To hold all those beautiful plants this spring, you’ll need this cedar pallet succulent planter! Assemble together cedar woods cut to your preferred specifications. You’ll have to attach a wire mesh inside using a staple gun. Get some soil to fill up your planter. Your succulents now have a home.

11. DIY Garden Planter and Birds Bath

The beauty of DIY backyard projects is taking simple things to a whole new level! Just by assembling a bunch of pots, you can get a birdbath and planters in one! Spray paint your pots the way you like them and drill a hole at the bottom of each. Plant your rebar firmly to the ground and pile your pots on top of one another in alternating directions. Fill each with soil. For the top pot, place carefully the discarded globe from a flush-mount light so the birds have a place to bathe.

12. DIY Outdoor Lantern

The weather’s so nice, you might find yourself staying outdoors until the sun’s down. So, you’ll need this outdoor lantern! Get a chain of your preferred length and style, attach a hook and a metal rod to it, which will, in turn, be attached to a light bulb. Slip the chain and its attachments into a hole drilled at the bottom of a prettified clay jar and place your light bulb securely.

13. No-Sew Teepee

DIY backyard projects are ditching the tent and opting for the more stylish and more refreshing no-sew teepee! This is just a matter of assembling the skeleton and draping canvas cloths all around it. For the skeleton, you’ll need PVC pipes and PVC caps. Follow the carefully constructed plan in this guide and you’ll enjoy this teepee in no time!

14. DIY Wood Stools

Sometimes, all you need is a spot to sit down and chill. These wood stools are also the perfect way to recycle logs and still manage to decorate your backyard! Once you have your wood stumps, saw some plywood and put them inside the wood stumps to provide support for the cushion. Sand and clean everything until you’re ready to add your fancy and fabulous cushions.

15. Vintage Milk Jug Side Tables

Old milk jugs can now be transformed into side tables for your backyard! Spray paint the vintage milk jug according to your fancy. Once the paint is dry, attach the stained wood on top of the milk jug. Use a drill and screws to attach the mouth of the jug to the round wood so you can finally enjoy your vintage milk jug side table.

16. Log Lounger

I will admit: this project is difficult and involves using a chainsaw to get your own logs. But there are ways around it, and the rewards are worth it! For instance, you can opt to buy logs already cut to the specifics required by this log lounger. Follow the plan in this guide on how to attach them all together to create this rustic addition to your backyard!

17. Brick Path

Another ambitious project worth the time and energy. This guide has everything you need to complete this brick path! With this brick path in your backyard, you won’t ever have to worry about bald patches in your back lawn again.

18. Backyard Playhouse

It’s amazing what you can do with a couple of wood boards, some DIY tools, and a good construction plan courtesy of this guide! A backyard playhouse is just what your kids need to be in touch with nature this spring. After accomplishing the difficult parts, bond over the painting of their new playtime venue.

19. Outdoor Pizza Oven

What’s better than a pizza? Pizza made right in your backyard! It’s really just about assembling a pizza oven in your backyard and covering it up to match your base made of concrete and bricks!

20. Skateboard Swing

If you have kids, chances are you’ve bought so many skateboards that get broken every month or so. Now you can turn them into DIY backyard projects! For this skateboard swing, all you need are some ropes, a skateboard, wooden rods, and a really sturdy branch to hang the swing on.

21. Leak-Proof Water Blob

This leak-proof water blob is like a water bed right in your backyard. Kids will spend countless hours on this simple DIY backyard project. Securing your painter’s plastic by ironing does the trick.

22. DIY Garden Toadstools

Turn your backyard into Super Mario’s world! These garden toadstools are much easier to make than it looks. The secret? Salad bowls! Transform your salad bowls into mushroom caps by painting on them. Drill them onto a wood stump and you’ve got your neat toadstools.

23. Painted Patio Tiles

Of course, the look of your backyard helps set the mood for you and your guests, which is why you need to beautify it! Take your cue from these painted patio tiles! Mix your Pantone colors with Valspar latex and floor paint, and you’re good to go!

24. DIY Backyard Umbrella

When the heat gets too much, turn to your backyard umbrella! With just some IMC pipes, screws, a hub, and a big umbrella, you can transform a barrel of plants into a place for shade just like a tree.

25. DIY Sandbox Table

Ditch the traditional sandbox! The beauty of this sandbox table is it’s portable and it has a lid. No unnecessary dust in your backyard after playtime! Assembling the wood boards together follows the pattern of a crate. After that, all you have to do is paint the wood and seal it with a lid.

26. DIY Rope Ottoman

New backyard seats mean more hours of fun conversations! It’s so simple. Just get an old tire and a lot of nylon rope. Wrap the nylon rope around the tire following the pattern courtesy of this guide and you’ll soon have a new addition to your outdoor furniture.

27. Cube Lights

A little bit of radiance during spring twilight is beautiful enough to rid you of all your stress. Assemble the pieces of wood with some glue and add spray paint to give it a nice elegant finish. You can then attach clear acrylic sheets cut to the specifications of the frame. Use it to cover a nice night light and have a soothing time in your backyard.

28. Giant Yard Dice

These yard dice might be the easiest craft among these DIY backyard projects but they sure provide hours of fun! You just need blocks of wood cut into 4×4″ squares, glued together to make a dice. Coat the wood and use white paint to draw the circles corresponding to the numbers on the different sides.

29. DIY Backyard Swing Set

Here’s a swing set you can have all for yourself for a relaxing afternoon. If you follow the plan in this guide, you’ll be able to finish this DIY backyard project in less than a day! Remember to stain your wood and coat it for protection.

30. Simple Tree House

Would a backyard really be a backyard without an awesome tree house? The most important part of doing this project is choosing a tree sturdy enough and located in a nice spot. The structure is pretty simple. You’ll need wood boards attached around the trunk for the foundation of the platform. After doing this, you can then create the minimal style of the house itself and the steps leading up to it.


Watch this video by Cottage Life DIY and learn how to make a DIY outdoor movie screen:

I wish I knew more about DIY backyard projects when I was a kid. Children are the happiest little beings who enjoy the outdoors the most in spring weather. So, make your kids’ spring unforgettable by creating these beautiful DIY backyard projects. While these projects are perfect for spring, their beauty, use, and rewards are good all year round!

Which of these DIY backyard projects do you think your kids will love? Let us know in the comments section below!

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on April 6, 2017, and has been updated for quality and relevancy.

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