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9 DIY Bathroom Tile Ideas

These bathroom tile ideas will define the overall look of your bathroom. So to help you make this major design decision, we’ve got a list of budget-friendly bathroom tiles that won’t sacrifice either functionality or aesthetics.

DIY Bathroom Tile Ideas For Less

Imagine how many tiles you will need should you decide to tile your bathroom floor and walls. The expense alone is crazy! That is why it is important to save in whatever way you can. You can save time and money by using the same tiles and just playing with patterns and colors, or you can go for less by maximizing the tiles of your choice. We are here to give you bathroom tile ideas you can consider for building your dream bathroom.

1. Subway Bathroom Tiles

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Subway tiles are transformed into something interesting in this bathroom wall. Instead of straight lines, angles are used to give off a unique impressive design.

2. Patterned Floor Out Of Linoleum Tiles

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This patterned floor out of linoleum tiles is definitely making a bold statement. This awesome project may look like a ton of work, but the result is pretty amazing! Making it all worth it!

White Onyx (Bianco Fantastico) 3 X 6 Subway Brick Tile, Vein-Cut, Polished - SAMPLE
  • Sample piece (swatch) of White Onyx (Bianco Fantastico) 3 X 6 Subway Brick Tile, Vein-Cut, Polished
  • Surface Finish: Polished (glossy / shiny)
  • Sizes (per piece): 3" (W) X 6" (L) X 3/8" (Thickness) - (NOMINAL SIZES)
  • Coverage: Sample piece, sizes may vary
  • Sold by: Sample piece, FREE INSURED SHIPPING

3. Bathroom Wall Tile Upgrade on a Budget

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Free Group T-Shirt

You can always upgrade while playing just within the limits of your budget, just like this upgrade involving bathroom wall tiles. It transforms a bathroom wall from ordinary to fabulous!

TruePower 42" Long Reach Pneumatic Air Scraper/Chisel with 4" Blade
  • 42" long shaft with extra wide 4" blade makes short work of tiles and linoleum covered floors.
  • Paddle trigger and cushion grip
  • The easy and fast way to remove old tiles and scrape off old floor surface
  • Delivers 2100 BPM for fast removal of materials
  • Air consumption (continuous): 10 CFM @ 90 PSI Working pressure: 90 PSI

4. DIY Herringbone Bathroom Floor

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Play with the arrangement of your tiles to create impact. Check out how you can have your very own herringbone floor. I guarantee you it’s very much doable with an exceptional result.

5. Hex Tiles Floor Details

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You will not look at hex tiles the same way again now that you know how to play with patterns and designs. Get inspired with these wonderful hex tiles floor details and create your own design in your bathroom.

Carrara White Italian Carrera Marble Hexagon Mosaic Tile 2 inch Polished
  • Carrara White Marble 2" (from point to point) hexagon pieces mounted on a sturdy mesh tile sheet
  • 6 rows and 6 columns with 36 stones on each sheet; 5/16" thickness; Polished finish
  • First Quality; Natural Beauty; Carefully Selected; Consistent in size and finish; Factory Direct
  • Matching subway tiles, basketweaves, herringbone, brick tiles, borders, moldings and more
  • Price per sheet (0.89 sq.ft.); FREE SHIPPING; Large quantities in stock - [email protected]

6. Tranquil Subway Tiles

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Subway tiles may be simple, but they exude a tranquil vibe for your bathroom. There’s a reason why it’s said that there’s beauty in simplicity.

2-in Wide Machine Sharpened Thinset Removal Bit, 0.401 in shank- MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!!!
  • Compatible with standard air hammer (0.401 in shank) . Maintains edge up to 5X longer than the competition
  • Hardened Oil-quenched Zinc Plated Steel
  • Removes Stubborn Thinset and Glue
  • Machined 2 inch Wide Edge
  • This chisel is designed to remove Thinset (the mortar that holds tile to the floor) and is useful for small areas (100-200 sqft) . Please note this product is not to be used to remove the tile.

7. Dark Noir Hex Tiles

A stylish bathroom statement means going for either a dark or light shade. In this case, they’ve used dark tiles – looks way more stunning than light ones.

8. Classic Pattern Tiles

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This bathroom gives off a classic vibe with just the choice of bathroom tiles. Use this classic pattern tiles to display the calming beauty of vintage elegance.

9. 10 Under $10 Tiles Guide

Check out 9 DIY Bathroom Tile Ideas at

Here is an impressive infographic to guide you before shopping for those tiles. Check your options with tiles that are budget-friendly, yet provide exceptional style and functionality.

Here is a video of 15 Amazing Modern Bathroom Floor Tile Ideas you can take inspiration from according to Furniture Fashion:

There are so many bathroom tiles you can choose from, but it’s important that you do not go overboard on something with budget–friendly options also present. Take your finances, theme, availability, and plans into consideration.

Which bathroom tile ideas are you keen on doing? Let us know in the comments section below!

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