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53 Easter Egg Decorating Ideas that are Sure to Please Your Family and Friends

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Easter is just around the corner, and that means it's time to start thinking about how you're going to decorate your eggs! There are so many different ways to decorate Easter eggs, and we've gathered some of the best Easter Egg Decorating ideas for you. This blog post will share 53 different ways to dress up your Easter eggs.

We have something for everyone, from classic designs like stripes and polka dots to more creative ideas like painting them with flowers or using them as canvases for drawings. So get creative and start decorating those eggs!

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53 Easter Egg Decorating Ideas to Welcome Easter

Decorate Easter Eggs with the Best Easter Egg Designs

Easter is almost here! I love the pastel colors and Easter crafts and decorations all around. I remember how we used to celebrate Easter when we were little. We'd go to egg hunts and even get to decorate eggs any way we want!

Now that I have kids, I want to share the joy of going on an Easter egg hunt and decorating Easter eggs. So, I've compiled new and fresh DIY Easter egg ideas anyone can make!

1. Shaving Cream Easter Eggs

Have fun mixing colors while making these Easter eggs with shaving cream. It's as easy as combining different liquid food colors in a bowl filled with shaving cream. Try not to make too much mess!

2. Easter Egg Piñata

This egg decorating idea is explosive! Quite literally. We're so used to the concept of cracking eggs, so why not just take it to a whole new level and make an Easter egg piñata?

All you need are some newspaper strips, glue, water, ribbons, colored paper, a balloon, and of course, for naughty fun — candies!

3. Decoupage Paper Napkins Easter Eggs

If you can't paint, fake it. Paper napkin decorated eggs are one of the most fabulous Easter egg designs I've ever encountered on paper. There's a way to print the design of your handkerchief onto your eggs. The secret? Egg white! It was right there all along!

4. Sparkling Easter Eggs

diy easter eggs painted sparkles on | cool easter egg designs

Going for a sparkly look this Easter? Get some glue, a bunch of glitters, and bedazzle your Easter eggs! Who says Easter eggs have to be dull and straightforward?

5. Melted Crayon Easter Eggs

Easter egg decorating ideas can make your eggs look like an entire box of crayons! It's as easy as it sounds. All you need to do is use crayons to draw on your egg. Make sure they're still a little bit hot as you pull on them, so the crayons melt as you doodle away!

6. Paper Mache Easter Eggs

If you don't want to use real eggs, make them yourself! Although we're talking about egg decorating ideas, there's always room for going a little bit further and making the egg itself.

Basic knowledge of paper mache along with paper cutouts, a balloon, and glue are all you need!

7. Tie-Dyed Easter Egg

edible easter eggs | easy easter egg designs

More fun egg decorating ideas with Sharpies! Use every Sharpie color you could use and draw on your eggs. Once done, use a medicine dropper to drizzle the eggs with rubbing alcohol. The results are these eye-catching Sharpie tie-dyed Easter eggs!

8. Temporary Tattoo Easter Eggs

This Easter egg design is just ingenious. Instead of putting temporary tattoos on your arm, put them on your Easter eggs. No complicated steps are required! It's as easy as 1, 2, 3!

9. Blow Out Easter Eggs Trick

If you want hollow eggs, this should be a part of your hunt for egg decorating ideas. Blowing out an egg is pretty straightforward. Just use a hand drill to punch a hole in the egg and a syringe to blow out its contents. Now you're free to decorate them any way you want!

10. Disney Eggs

Of course, there are egg decorating ideas for your favorite Disney characters.

Dip the eggs in dyes and paint them with your famous Disney figures. Voila! You've got not just regular Easter eggs, but Disney Easter eggs!

11. DIY Speckled Eggs

carton speckled easter eggs | easter egg designs pinterest

Who knew coating eggs with some paint would yield fantastic results? These DIY speckled eggs are just that easy to make. So if you want to try something simple this Easter, this is the egg decorating idea for you!

12. Bunny Easter Eggs

happy easter background bunny eggs flowers | cute easter egg designs

You can do almost anything with your Easter eggs. Draw a bunny face and attach a pair of bunny ears, and voila! Your very own bunny Easter egg! Bunny easter eggs must be the Easter bunny's favorite egg decorating idea.

13. DIY Washi Tape Easter Eggs

Another excellent craft project you can make with washi tape is to decorate it on Easter eggs! Get your favorite washi tape patterns and cut them into different sizes. Get creative with your design combination!

14. Acrylic Paint Easter Eggs

If you love painting, then you're in for a treat. Make these adorable acrylic paint Easter eggs this Easter! It's one of those egg decorating ideas that need focus and art skills. Acrylic paint can be a tricky medium, but it's worth it!

15. Chalk Paint Easter Eggs

easter eggs painted chalk paint black | simple easter egg designs

If you still have some leftover chalk paint from other craft projects, you can use them for decorating eggs. Paint the eggs black and let them dry. Now use chalk to draw on your chalk-painted Easter eggs. Be as imaginative as you can be!

16. Golden Easter Eggs

golden easter eggs basket on table | easter egg designs ideas

Making golden eggs will make Easter egg hunting easier but more fun. Stumbling upon golden eggs is like finding a trove of gleaming natural treasures. It's as easy as painting your eggs with gold paint all the way through.

17. Unicorn Easter Eggs

minimal easter concept eggs form unicorn | funny easter egg designs

Unicorn is also an adorable Easter egg decoration idea that will impress kids and adults alike! Not only do they look super cute, but they're also entertaining and exciting to make. These unicorn eggs will surely give Easter egg hunters a wonderful time!

18. Minion Easter Eggs

Easter won't be complete without these cute yellow creatures. For Minion eggs, you'll need clean eggshells, paint, a sharpie, some glue, and googly eyes! Recreating these loved characters is very simple.

19. Marbleized Easter Eggs

Remember that post we did on how to marbleize a bowl? Did you know you can use the same technique to create your marbleized Easter eggs? It's as easy as creating marbleized patterns by swirling nail polish around a bowl of cold water!

20. Sequined Easter Eggs

colorful glossy easter eggs sequins | best easter egg designs

These sequined Easter eggs are probably the most fashionable among these egg decorating ideas. If you like your sequins to follow a pattern, all you need to do is re-create this idea with a straight pin.

21. Naturally-Dyed Easter Eggs

dyed blue easter eggs painted natural | how to make cool easter egg designs

The majority of our Easter egg designs and ideas rely on dyeing. Become a master of dyeing Easter eggs by using natural dyes. This way, hard-boiled eggs will still be edible with natural dyes from red cabbage, spinach, beet, turmeric, and others.

22. Easter Egg Animal Parade

Rabbits aren't the only stars of Easter. Make an animal parade and entertain the kids with one of the most innovative egg decorating ideas. Blow out the egg, paint on them, and decorate the eggs with animal figures such as chick, bunny, piggy, rooster, and sheep!

23. Polymer Clay Easter Eggs

If you don't want to use real eggs this Easter, try making these polymer clay Easter eggs. Molding your clay is a bit tricky, so be patient. You'll be amazed at how to remove the eggshell from the polymer clay egg!

24. Pressed Flower Easter Eggs

easter eggs pressed leaves flowers prepared | creative easter egg designs

Pressed flower art is great for many craft projects, especially egg decorating ideas. Before trying this idea out, you might want to check out our guide on pressing flowers.

If you're confident about your skills, then go right ahead and make these pressed flowers Easter eggs!

25. Polka Dots Easter Eggs

brightly colored polka dot easter eggs | cool easy easter egg designs

First time to decorate eggs for Easter? You can't go wrong with the classic polka dots Easter eggs. All you need are your favorite pastel shades of paint and the traditional white color. They look so soft and ethereal and spring perfect with polka dots!

26. Golden Marbled Eggs

Golden-marbled eggs might be the most abundant egg decorating idea out there. Paint your Easter eggs with alcohol inks, then add gold details. These golden marbled eggs may look luxurious, but they're entertaining and easy to make!

27. Photo Print Easter Eggs

Wouldn't it be fun if the egg hunt was about looking for a family member's face? Please take photos of your family or friends and turn them into these photo print easter eggs.

You can tape a tissue onto some photo paper and print your pictures on it. Then, use Modge Podge to put the printouts on the eggs!

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28. Glowing Eggs

I want to verify these glowing eggs are not from outer space. But your hunt will be out of this world with this great egg decorating idea! The secret? Fluorescent paint, of course!

29. Baker's Twine Easter Eggs

close photo glass bowl filled string | cool easter egg designs

Egg decorating is possible with some wood too. If you find some wooden eggs, procure some baker's twine and make these one-of-a-kind Easter eggs. Be creative with your color combinations.

30. Spring Flower Decorated Eggs

I don't think this Spring flower-decorated egg is making the Easter egg hunt because it's staying with me! This stunning egg will make a beautiful home display any time of the year, not only for Easter Day.

31. Easter Egg Acorns

Repurpose plastic Easter eggs into these decorative acorns. They will make an inexpensive yet elegant year-round and Easter decor.

32. Cactus Easter Eggs

easter egg green life flower happy | easy egg designs

Cactus eggs sitting in tiny terracotta pots look positively adorable. Draw lines and x marks on green-dyed eggs, then top with pink scrunched tissue paper pieces.

Set them atop terracotta pots filled with decorative gravel, and you have some cute Easter decor pieces.

33. DIY Easter Emoji Eggs

modern painted easter eggs | egg designs pinterest

Emojis are everywhere, so making these emoji eggs for Easter should be a breeze. But, of course, you can also go for funny faces and other entertaining designs and patterns.

34. Easter Bunny Eggs

A pair of bunny ears and a cute heart stand are all you need to make these super cute bunny Easter eggs! You also need that painting skills, so you're bound to another enjoyable Easter egg project!

35. Mosaic Easter Eggs

wonderful easter song real decoration table | simple easter egg

With curved contours, assembling cracked egg pieces on an egg to design a mosaic should be easy. Mosaic easter eggs are a lovely piece of art in Easter eggs. Of course, you can be more creative and make your mosaic Easter eggs bright and colorful.

36. DIY Carrots Easter Eggs

Please Easter bunnies with adorable carrot-decorated eggs this Easter. Natural carrot tops or any leaves and tops are the keys to making these DIY carrot Easter eggs prettier and more appealing.

37. Galaxy Easter Eggs

Pulling off the galaxy effect looks tricky, but only a toothbrush can do the trick. Galaxy easter eggs are an easy DIY Easter egg project using simple household items, and the result is mesmerizing.

If you're fascinated with the Universe, astronomical phenomena, and anything in between, then these Easter eggs are for you!

38. Ice Cream Cone Easter Eggs

Sweet-looking ice cream cone Easter eggs with colorful sprinkles and cherry on top! Your tiny hunters will love these cute eggs added to their Easter baskets. You can also add ice cream faces so the eggs will look more adorable.

39. Pineapple Easter Eggs

two sunny easter eggs pineapple leaves | best egg designs

Add a tropical touch to your Easter egg hunting spree with pineapple designs on Easter eggs.

40. Decorate with Golden Confetti

modern style easter eggs box gold | best easter egg

Dip your hard-boiled eggs or plastic Easter eggs in gold confetti. With shiny gold confetti, your DIY Easter eggs are worth hunting for sure!

41. DIY Gold Geometric Eggs

gold black white easter eggs on | how to make cool easter egg

Take your plain dyed eggs up a notch by drawing geometrical shapes. Gold and black work well together, bringing Easter eggs to another level.

42. Rainbow Jello Easter Eggs

Add these rainbow jello Easter eggs to your Easter brunch menu. Warn your hungry egg hunters, though, or they'll dive straight for these colorful eggs.

43. DIY Beaded Eggs

Sparkly and shiny Easter eggs fit for a treasure hunt. Hide these DIY beaded Easter eggs well, or they'll go first.

44. Doodle Easter Eggs

creative trendy painted marker easter eggs | creative easter egg

Outline different patterns on your Easter eggs with a marker. You can dip the eggs in dye for a colorful version of these doodle Easter eggs, but a plain white egg will also look equally good. These are trendy painted marker Easter eggs anyone can do!

45. Easter Eggs with Flower Crowns

funny easter eggs wreaths flowers composition | disney easter egg designs

We can't get enough of these Easter eggs decorated with flower crowns. It is spring after all, and aren't these Easter eggs with flower crowns the cutest?

46. Calligraphed Easter Eggs

A crafty will indeed include calligraphed eggs for some modern Easter egg version. The modern, more current one uses a black paint pen, or Sharpie, the same as the doodle Easter eggs, except the design is more synchronized and minimal.

47. Color with Tissue Paper

bright multicolored easter eggs on colorful | cool easy easter egg

Use the bleeding technique to dye the eggs with colored tissue paper. You need hard-boiled eggs because the shells absorb the color better.

  • Cut strips and pieces of colored tissue paper
  • Paste the pieces all over the egg like you would with paper mache.

Let dry, then strip the tissue paper off and you have neatly dyed eggs in no time.

48. Rubber Band Easter Eggs

Rubber bands will work magic on your Easter eggs. It looks intricate, but it's so easy even small kids can help you out in this Easter egg DIY project.

49. Cool Whip Dyed Eggs

Dye eggs using a tub of cool whip, neon food coloring, and white vinegar. You'll have a fun time decorating eggs will this remarkable experiment. Cool whip works the same as shaving cream, and it's a great option if the latter isn't available at home.

50. Marvel Superhero Easter Eggs

Make these adorable Marvel superhero-themed Easter egg decorations using edible fondant. Transform a regular plastic egg into awesome superhero Easter eggs stuffed with a few coins, and you'll make your little ones the happiest egg hunters around.

51. Vintage Easter Eggs

Music lovers will love this vintage Easter eggs idea! Use sheet music or music note scrapbook and apply some glue to help you get beautiful musical eggs. You can use plastic eggs or hard-boiled eggs for this DIY project.

52. Pompom Easter Eggs

You could use cute and colorful pompoms in Easter egg decorations! You can choose the size and the color of your pompoms. If you don't want to use actual eggs for your Easter decoration this year, then this project is what you need. 

53. Baby Yoda Easter Eggs

Aren't you in love with Baby Yoda these days? Everybody loves Baby Yoda! By decorating your Easter egg Mandalorian style, you can impress your guests and have fun with your kids!


Celebrating Easter is about celebrating life, and this is what your DIY Easter egg decorating ideas should reflect. The more lively, colorful, and creative your Easter eggs are, the more spirited and exciting the hunt is.

I'm sure with these Easter egg designs and ideas; everyone would want to join the fun. Why not? Celebrating life and rebirth are for all ages! No matter who you are or where you come from, the meaning of Easter resonates clearly and beautifully.

Which of these Easter egg designs and ideas are you planning to recreate? Let us know in the comments section below!

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