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18 DIY Disney Costumes For Dress-Up Anytime

Feature | DIY Disney Costumes For Dress-Up Anytime

These DIY Disney costumes will let you capture the essence of your favorite Disney character. Check them out!

Easy DIY Disney Costumes You Can Try This Halloween


1. DIY Mickey Mouse & Minnie Mouse Halloween Costume

If you’re looking for last-minute DIY Disney costumes for both kids and adults, this Mickey and Minnie Mouse duo is what you need. With the right outfits and white stick-on felt, you can pull off this Halloween costume fast, right on the day!

2. Snow White DIY Costume

A Snow White costume is one of the easiest to put together among the Disney princesses. In fact, you may already have the outfit or pieces you need in your closet. Look through these DIY Snow White costume ideas for the one that suits you.

3. Cinderella-Inspired DIY Costume

We can safely say anything that’s no-sew is quick and easy to make. Just like this darling DIY Cinderella costume, you can make for your girls.

4. Belle DIY Costume

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Be the belle of the ball in this modern-day Disney Belle costume. Halloween may looming over the horizon but you will have just enough time for this simple project. It’s a perfect Halloween costume for teens who like it sweet and enchanting.

5. DIY Pocahontas Costume

If you love the beautiful and independent Disney Princess, Pocahontas, we have just the ideas. Take your pick of DIY Pocahontas for toddlers, kids, teens, and adults.

6. Little Mermaid DIY Costume

Bandeau crop tops are trendy these days, so no problem if youfall for this Disney Princess costume. If you have the time and you want a practical purpose to a costume, you will love this mermaid tail blanket tutorial.

7. DIY Mulan Costume

Channel your inner warrior princess in one of the easy homemade Disney costumes in this roundup. Make sure to note the details of Mulan’s costume to pull off an exact replica of the Disney character.

8. DIY Princess Jasmine & Alladin Costume

Looking for Disney costumes for couples? Get this fantastic and practical idea for a Princess Jasmine and Alladin costume on a budget!

9. DIY Peter Pan Costume

Running out of time for a decent costume your son can wear for trick-or-treating? Consider this no-sew DIY Peter Pan Costume in this video from The Girls with Glasses.

10. Tinkerbell Costume, Hair, & Makeup Tutorial

How will Peter Pan fly without Tinkerbell’s pixie dust? Here are more DIY Tinkerbell costume ideas for those who love this cute flying Disney character.

11. DIY Tim Burton’s Queen of Hearts Costume

For those who like to play a villain, at least on Halloween, you’ll dig this Queen of Hearts costume. Pay special attention to the lip makeup, which is the Queen of Hearts’ iconic signature.

12. DIY Disney Frozen Elsa, Anna & Olaf Costumes

What better Disney costume to wear for three people than Frozen‘s Elsa, Anna, and Olaf? And what better way to DIY fast than with a no-sew costume?

13. DIY Pinocchio Costume Tutorial

This Disney Pinocchio costume will take some time to DIY, but hey, what will you not do for your little boy?

14. 101 Dalmation DIY Costume

This Disney costume idea is just perfect for a family. The more, the better with 101 Dalmatians!

15.  Mary Poppins DIY Costume

One of our beloved classic Disney characters, Mary Poppins deserves a place on this list. Be Mary Poppins this Halloween if you’re playing chaperone to your trick-or-treating kids.

16. Bambi DIY Disney Costume

Bring your favorite childhood Disney character, Bambi, to life this Halloween. Your girls will love this Disney costume if they’re not into Disney princesses.

17. Jack Sparrow DIY Costume

A list of Disney characters won’t be complete without a pirate. From Captain Hook to Jack Sparrow, Disney pirates are colorful and fantastic. If you want to go for Jack Sparrow, check out this hair, costume, and makeup tutorial video from Amorerain28.

18. Alice in the Wonderland DIY Costume

If your thrill for Alice in Wonderland isn’t wearing out yet, you have got to wear this costume for Halloween. With all the assortment of whimsical characters during Halloween night, it’s only fitting for an Alic to be in their midst.


Pressed for time but digging a Disney costume? Check out this video from Roxxsaurus for more last-minute DIY Disney costumes:

Do you identify as a Belle or a Bambi? A Peter Pan or Pinocchio? If you’re a Disney or dress-up fanatic, you have to check out these fabulous DIY Disney costumes.

Which Disney character will you be this Halloween? Let me know below in the comments!

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on January 29, 2016, and has been updated for quality and relevancy.


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