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12 Inventive Easter Egg Hunt Ideas Kids Will Love

Feature | Assorted egg in the nest | Inventive Easter Egg Hunt Ideas Kids Will Love

Take this year’s egg hunt up a notch with these Easter egg hunt ideas everyone will want to join in!

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Easter Egg Hunt Ideas and Games for Everyone

 1. Puzzle Piece Easter Egg Hunt


Have you ever wanted to make your own puzzle? This is your chance to get a special message out to the kids while they’re having fun on Easter.

The bonus, once they have all the puzzle pieces, they have to work together to complete the puzzle! I can only imagine the excitement—I can feel it already.

2. The Flashlight Easter Egg Hunt


Wouldn’t it be more fun to have an Easter egg hunting at night? Just be sure your playing safe doesn’t have any obstacle for the kids.

This should be included in community Easter egg hunt ideas—the more, the merrier and safer, you know.

3. Color Scavenger Hunt


This is an Easter hunt game fit for toddlers. Watch them have fun while learning all the colors.

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It’s always cool to both learn and play even in when Easter egg hunting.

4. Easter Egg Hunt Bubble Bath


If you can’t go out and hunt Easter eggs, then take it inside. Add more fun to bath time and look for some Easter eggs right at the tub.

5. Printable Easter Egg Hunt Riddle


Let your kid’s brain do some work by answering some riddles while hunting. Egg hunts are always more fun with an added mystery challenge.

6. Egg Scavenger Hunt to Make Words


This is a fun activity to have the kids work on their words. A scrabble-inspired Easter egg hunt game to keep the kids thinking on their feet.

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7. Easter Egg Clues Game Hunt


Test your kids about how much they know about Easter with this fun game. Perhaps give them a refresher first before asking them to play this game.

8. Smart Phone Easter Egg Hunt


No one is ever too old for Easter egg hunting. If your tweens don’t want to join in the fun, try this cool game for older kids.

Use their love for smartphones to enjoy this creative game.

9. Exercise Eggs


Here’s a game with a twist to the Simon Says game. Let your kids move more with this Easter game that will hone their reading and motor skills.

10. Reverse Easter Egg Hunting


A fun twist to Easter egg hunting. Instead of finding your eggs, you have to find stuff to fill the eggs. What fun!

11. Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt


Your kids will love the clues and the thrill of finding the Easter egg basket. Don’t forget to label your eggs and check the clues or they’ll get mixed up!

12. Letter Sounds Egg Hunt


Don’t you just love to use games to teach your kids? Here’s another fun Easter game that will teach your kids letter sounds.


Planning for a fun Easter egg hunt for kids? Check out this video from That YouTub3 Family – The Adventurers: 

Easter will never be complete without egg-hunting–its a tradition we always look forward to. Indeed, it’s the best part about being a kid on Easter.

Easter games are always so fun whether it be with clues or just looking for beautiful Easter egg crafts. So if you’re getting tired of the usual Easter egg games, these Easter egg hunt ideas will save the day for sure!

Did you enjoy our list? Let us know in the comments section below what your thoughts are on these Easter games. 

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Inventive Easter Egg Hunt Ideas Kids Will Love |

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