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9 Most Adorable DIY Boys Bedroom Ideas You Wish Were Yours

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You can decorate/renovate for your little boy’s bedroom without spending a lot of money. These vivid, bright, and colorful boys bedrom ideas, from decors to furniture, will make your son want to stay in their room all day. Isn’t that what most parents want, anyway? I kid, but since your son can only remain young for so long, it’s best to give them a bedroom worth remembering. By the time they have their own children, they might do the same thing.

9 Most Adorable DIY Boys Bedroom Ideas You Wish Were Yours

Children aren’t particular with how their room looks like, as long as their toys, books, and even clothes are all there. I know of some parents who’re just content with painting their son’s room blue and add in posters of their favorite athletes, but it shouldn’t stop there. These DIY boys bedroom ideas go way beyond having a Michael Jordan poster or having a race-car bed.

1 Branch Swing Shelves 

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You can easily use extra branches from this year’s spring clean-up, or leftover wood from your woodworking projects. Check out how you can make this DIY branch swing shelf tutorial right here.

2 Boys’ Hockey Room Shelf 

Check out 9 Most Adorable DIY Boys Bedroom Ideas You Wish Were Yours at

Remember what I said about athlete’s posters? Take it up a notch by making this project. Putting the jersey number and name of their favorite sports player onto storage boxes will make them feel like superstars. Click here for the full instructions on how to copy this project.

3 DIY Soldier Book End 

I am a firm believer that everything will always have its purpose, and this project just proves it. Upcycling your son’s old toys is one of many templates that you can use to decorate their room, like this bookstopper. Stop those books from falling by following the step-by-step procedure of this project here.

4 Amazing Rolling Bookshelf 

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One of my favorite projects: a rolling table and bookshelf. Make this DIY Project as his personal workspace. Find more kiddie-themed storage inspirations here.

5 Favorite Toys Picture Wall Art 

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You don’t need expensive paintings to add some culture into your son’s room. Exercise your creativity by taking pictures of your son’s toys and print them as posters.  After all, those action figures aren’t just meant for playing, you know. Lots of inspirations of this project here.

6 Stuffed Pillow Shirts 

Again, you don’t have to settle for sports posters when you can have creative decors like these. A throwpillow encased in your son’s favorite athlete’s jersey will brighten up his day. For the full tutorial, click here.

7 Lego Star Wars  Inspired Room

This my personal favorite on this list – a Star Wars-themed bedroom! Remember how captivated you were when you saw Star Wars for the first time as a child?Get your son into Star Wars and let him experience the joy and wonder of the Force right in his own bedroom.  Learn more about this project here and may the Force be with you!

8 DIY Faux Map Wallpaper 

Your son could be a brilliant adventurer one day, so don’t let him stop dreaming about traveling the world. This world map wallpaper is brilliant in more ways than one because it’s not only pleasing to look at, but it’s also very educational. You could also ask your son to place pins on the countries you’ve visited.  More map projects inspirations in store for you here.

9 Framed Chalkboard Wall Art  

I just love it when children exercise their creativity, and this framed chalkboard wall art will distract your children from writing on the wall. To top it off, you can work with chalkboards of any size. Find out how this was achieved here.

Watch this video from Room Design Ideas for more boys room decorating ideas :

It’s not about buying branded furniture pieces or having expensive artwork to make your son’s room awesome. These boys bedroom ideas are just the tip of the iceberg because you too can express your creativity. To make things easier, go back to when you were a kid. How did you want your room to look like? I’m pretty sure your son has some ideas as well, so why not make it a collaborative father-son project?

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