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7 DIY Storage Shed Ideas

Here I have some amazing DIY storage shed ideas for every DIY enthusiast out there. When I say DIY, I really mean DIY. You can do these yourself and you don’t even need to hire any professional contractor at all.

7 Awesome DIY Storage Shed Ideas You Should Try

Creativity simply cannot be contained. With more projects being completed, the backyard ends up cluttered with random tools and pieces. The garage and basement are perfect storage for the tools and other items, but there’s never enough space. For DIY enthusiasts like me, I always run out of space for my tools or for my incomplete projects. So I thought to myself, why don’t I make my own DIY storage shed?


1. The 12×20 Cabin On A Budget

This DIY shed looks like a small house and looks great in any backyard. To top it off, this 12×20 cabin storage shed is budget-friendly. That gives you extra storage without breaking the bank.


2. Outdoor Storage Locker

If a large shed does not appeal to you, can I interest you in an outdoor storage locker? You can still store your stuff in it, but there isn't much room to grow.


3. Little DIY Garden Shed

This little DIY garden shed is perfect for your garden tools! You know just by looking at it that this is a masterpiece in affordable upcycling. It's made from old windows and doors.


4. Storage Shed Made Out Of Doors

This storage shed is made out of doors. Quite the puzzle in design, but very economical in nature. This is why DIY is awesome. If you want this kind of shed, you'll easily pull it off.



5. Built From Scratch – An 8 x 6 Foot Storage Shed

Build it from scratch, said every DIY enthusiast out there. DIY projects like this one will have you making everything yourself and will challenge you. If you are interested in this project’s plan, prepare your tools and be up for the challenge. I guarantee you it's all worth it.


6. House? Nope. Still A Storage Shed

Even a simple shed doesn't have to look like a large storage box. You can even make it look like a miniature version of your house.


7. The Garage-Looking Storage Shed

This is just my own nickname for the project. It looks like a garage because it’s attached to the side of the house. This garage-looking storage shed is perfect for those who don’t have enough space in their backyards.


If sheds are not for you, maybe this video from Jeff Patterson will help you decide:

These storage shed ideas should help you decide on what to build. Again, it’s all up to you and the resources available to you. DIY is all about maximizing space, budget, time, and effort. Any of these DIY storage shed ideas should fit your needs, and I believe that you can easily complete them!

Which DIY storage shed you're interested in building? Let us know in the comments below!

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Editor’s Note – This post was originally published in September 2016 and has been updated for quality and relevancy.



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