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20+ Incredible DIY Garden Projects To Choose From

I’m the type of person that looks around my house and see if there are things I can add, fix, or build to make look it look better. This weekend, I suggest you do the same for your backyard with these DIY garden projects.

I spend my free time outdoors, literally in our backyard, and I’ve been getting to know our garden a little bit better. It’s usually my wife’s area of expertise but when I suggested these DIY garden projects for our house, she got really excited. She liked almost everything that had to do with her flowers and succulents but I’m particularly excited with the Skateboard swing and teepee.

If you’re as excited as we are for these DIY garden projects, read on and get to building.

20+ Incredible DIY Garden Projects To Choose From

From garden furniture to handy crafts, we can help you plan your next creative DIY here. Check out the list below.

1. These DIY Concrete Stepping Stones Will Lighten Up The Entire Yard

Add fun stepping stones to your garden just like these ones. Click here for the tutorial.

2. DIY Log Lounger Project For Your Backyard

I could never find the perfect lounging chair, but when I made this DIY log lounger, I knew what Goldilocks meant by “just right”.

3. Fantastic DIY Outdoor Lighting

My father made use of empty bottles, some gas, and an old cloth to create a makeshift lantern for outdoors. This is a very creative take on this concept.

4. A Simple Backyard DIY Pond Project For Beginners

Ponds and backyards go together, which is why this awesome project needs to be done by every DIY enthusiast out there.

5. Easy DIY Bird Feeder In 7 Steps Or Less

Sometimes it's not enough that a garden just has plants. The space seems more lovely and lively when there are animals too. Turn your backyard into a small aviary with this amazing bird feeder.

6. Enthralling DIY Puzzled Concrete Walkway Project

My wife threatened to throw me out if I stepped on her roses. This is why I made concrete steps as my backyard’s nifty (marriage-saving) walkway.

7. 20-minute crafter: Skateboard Swing

Skateboarding on a swing? When I was a kid, all I had was my imagination. Now, you can make this swing out of a skateboard!

8. DIY Bean Teepee

Let your kids have fun camping outdoor with a teepee. More on that project right here.

9. Garden Bench

You don't need to buy your garden bench from any store. Just make your own! Step by step process found here.

10. DIY Garden Project: Topsy Turvy Flower Planter

My wife made this for our front yard and people are just loving it. We even had one couple ask us how it was made. Of course, we showed them how.

11. Thrifted Glass Lid Hanging Bird Bath

Give those birds a place to bathe after all that eating. Check out this awesome bird bath!

12. Free Standing Pallet Herb Garden

Who doesn't love pallets? They are reliable and can be made into anything useful, just like this vertical planter. Tutorial here.

13. Flower Pot Table

Yes, you can upcycle your pots into a table. And you thought it was an IKEA table, right? Get the details here.

14. DIY Rock Markers

Unleash your full creativity with a bucket of paint and a couple of brushes to make these awesome rock markers. Tutorial right here.

15. Hanging Gutter Garden

Babylon's not the only place with hanging gardens. Your backyard needs to have this hanging garden and it will make people jealous!

16. DIY Outdoor Succulent Bench

It's a planter and bench all in one. How can you not get this? Get the tutorial right here.

17. DIY Hanging Flower Tins

Don't throw away those empty cans. You can turn them into hanging pots! More on this project here.

18. Garden Stone Sculpture

I love stacking weird objects together to make a sculpture, and this one takes the cake. Tutorial here.

19. DIY Butterfly Feeder

Butterflies don't belong in your stomach. They also belong in your garden. Get butterflies for your garden with this amazing feeder. More details here.

20. DIY Garden Ladybugs

These ladybugs are just too cute to ignore! More about this projecthere.

21. Cedar Vertical Tiered Ladder Garden Planter

This type of planter for your garden saves space and allows more plants and herbs to be cultivated. Full details here.

22. ‘Spilled' Flower Pot

Have fun with your garden with some creative landscaping, just like these flowers with a spilled effect.. Get the tutorial here.

23. DIY Tiered Herb Garden Tutorial

Tiered gardening is great for homeowners with minimal space available. More on this project here.

24. Rope – wrapped Pots    

Boring clay pots don't liven up your garden, but I bet these rope-wrapped pots will.  Click here for the tutorial.

25. Upcycled Windows Turned Outdoor Mirrors

Don't throw out your old windows. Turn them into these awesome outdoor mirrors. Get the full details of this project here.

Here is an easy video tutorial for a rustic wheelbarrow garden planter from Steve Ramsey

These DIY garden projects are perfect for the weekend because you only need to spend a day or two to make your garden look awesome for a long time. No fancy equipment, no fancy training, just pure DIY innovation and creativity right here.

Click here for more DIY garden projects.

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