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These DIY Concrete Stepping Stones Will Lighten Up The Entire Yard

If you want something to add to your outdoor area that has nothing to do with plants, you might like having stepping stones as an addition. This easy project will upgrade your place by adding to its aesthetic appeal, and you will be thankful to have it because of its function too. With this, you need not cover your whole area with sturdy materials as walkway, just add pieces here and there and you can enjoy walking over patterned stones. We'll show you here how it's easily done.

These DIY Concrete Stepping Stones Will Lighten Up The Entire Yard

Step on beautiful stones in your yard

You will not only enjoy the overalls of your yard, you will also appreciate details of it. Such as this DIY concrete stepping stone project, you call the shots on the look you want to give it. You can utilize patterned molds or you can creatively make one for your own. Read on to know the materials and the process for this awesome DIY project.



1. Prepare the mold.

Choose the mold pattern you would want for your stepping stone. Apply mold release. Make sure to cover the whole surface.

2. Mix the concrete.

Put the sand – colored Cheng pro – formula together with the concrete mix (Sakrete). Add water and mix thoroughly.

3. Pour concrete into the mold.

Pour the mixed concrete into the mold of your choice. Make it even. Leave them for four days to set in before you de – mold them.

Keep it moist by covering it with plastic so the water doesn't evaporate.

4. De – mold the concrete.

Flip it over and remove the mold. It should be easy since a mold release was applied at the beginning of the project.

You now have your own DIY Garden Stepping Stones.


Here is the full video tutorial for this DIY project for your yard:

You can upgrade your garden and other outdoor areas with this DIY concrete stepping stones too! If you don't like a patterned mold, you can customize and create one that will suit what you want. You can even add pieces that you would want to embed on your new project. Easy!

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