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Welcome Spring With These 6 Cool and Awesome DIY Projects

Nothing says ‘Welcome spring’ than these new and exciting DIY projects! Keep on reading for the best things to make and activities to do as nature renews itself!

Welcome Spring With Life & Love With These DIY Projects

Spring is my favorite season! The sun peeks out from its grey winter hideaway, flowers bloom, Easter arrives, and it seems like everyone has a spring in their step. Welcome spring with these fabulous DIY projects guaranteed to give you life and motivation for the entire year! It’s the perfect time for outdoor and garden DIYs! So, DIYers, prepare to DIY like you’ve never DIYed before!


1. Create a Growth Calendar for Your Plants

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Time to tend to your garden! You cannot miss this great opportunity to grow the most luscious and beautiful plants! Plan ahead by making this DIY bloom calendar. It may be quite mundane to keep track of minute developments, but you’ll be surprised by how much you’ve accomplished given some time.


2. Spring-ify Your Home

Patio Construction
Image via Pixabay

You can welcome spring outside or inside your home! Surrounding yourself with DIY projects that epitomize the season will remind you of the beauty of spring. Decorate your home today with these lovely DIY spring crafts today!

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Free Group T-Shirt


3.  Spring Recipes to Welcome Spring

Check out Welcome Spring With These 6 Cool and Awesome DIY Projects at

Food and drinks are always present in any occasion. Welcoming spring certainly counts as a celebration, so you better prepare great recipes for the merriment! And while you’re at it, how about making some refreshments too? These drinks will invigorate you just as life invigorates nature!



4. Wood Pallet Projects

With all the lovely plants and flowers growing in your garden, you need a complementary DIY project to showcase their beauty! These wood pallet projects scream ‘welcome spring’! They have the perfect rustic and natural aesthetic that goes well with almost any kind of spring DIY project!


5. Deck Out the Patio

Patio Construction Starts With a Good Foundation

Harness the beauty and peace this season brings! To truly welcome spring, decorate your patio and turn it into the magnificent sanctuary you have always dreamed it could be! Imagine going home every day to a little slice of heaven on earth.


6. Prepare for Easter

Check out Welcome Spring With These 6 Cool and Awesome DIY Projects at

Easter is not one of the biggest holidays of the year for nothing. It is the culmination of all occasions celebrating life and rebirth. Therefore, it is only fitting we prepare for it  with a fabulous affair as we welcome spring!

Watch this video from Estée Lalonde for more DIY projects to welcome spring:

To welcome spring means to embrace life to the fullest. I couldn’t think of a better way to show my appreciation for life than by making these great DIY projects. After all, DIY projects are about taking seemingly mundane things and turning them into something precious and beautiful. And as a DIYer, nothing could make me prouder than knowing what I do is a testament to the beauty of life.


How do you plan on welcoming spring? Let us know in the comments below!
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Editor’s Note – This post was originally published in March 2016 and has been updated for quality and relevancy.

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