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13 Backyard BBQ Ideas

Every backyard BBQ party is a festive way to spend summers with friends and family. Check out all of our awesome DIY projects and fun recipe ideas for on-the-fly potluck-style BBQ’s.

13 DIY Projects And Recipes For A Backyard BBQ

Hosting backyard BBQ parties can be especially stressful. Don’t let entertaining woes get you down! Check out our list of awesome tips and tricks for keeping spirits up during a busy backyard BBQ. Kids will love these cute table topper ideas and easy finger foods that will be sure to make your mouth water. Don’t forget to bring sunscreen!

But first, watch this! DIY Meg shows us how you can recycle your wine bottles into vases – OR – add citronella and a rope and you’ve got a mosquito repellent!

1. DIY Refreshment Station

Entertain your guests with this fancy refreshment station. All you need to do is create your own DIY cooler box, and paint it with your favorite vibrant color. I’m sure you’ll be nailing that amazing backyard party.


2. DIY Outdoor Movie Projector

…because it’s just so cool to sit under the stars this way. Why go to a drive-in when you can sit in your own backyard? All you need is a sheet projector, which isn’t terribly expensive either. Pick them up at Target or Walmart. We found ours at Goodwill!


3. DIY Corn Hole Game

Every backyard party needs a little warming up and we love this classic corn hole game! We’ve always wondered how to make one ourselves and now we have the answer!


4. Prepare Some Unique Jello Shots

These unique jello shots recipes are definitely festive and fun, perfect for outdoor parties and can be just what you need to complete a backyard BBQ party.


5. Easy Appetizer Recipes

Start your backyard food feast with these easy appetizer recipes. No guests would show up late if they knew you’d be serving one or two of these tasty appetizers. Whether you’re hosting a small intimate gathering or a roaring party, these easy appetizer recipes are a sure hit!


6. The Best Shrimp Recipes: Salads, Skewers, Pizza and More

Easy and quick to cook, shrimp is low-calorie and high-protein compared to other kinds of meat and fish. Shrimp can be cooked either shelled or unshelled, depending on the way you want to savor it. Either way, you’ll get a scrumptious dish each time, packed with unique flavors perfect for a fun-filled backyard party!



7. Easy Corn Cob Recipes

What’s a backyard party without some corn? Make your classic corn cob even more exciting with seasonings and fresh flavors. I’m sure your guests will enjoy nibbling this eternally delicious treat.


8. Easy Brunch Cocktails

Food always goes with refreshing drinks. And, when we talk about drinks for a party, it’s not your typical soda or orange juice. Give it some summer spirit with these easy brunch cocktails. It is the perfect mix of fruit juices, syrups, and flavored liquor.


9. Beaded Skewers

There’s no doubt that being stylish is definitely entertaining and the tiniest detail can make a big difference. I’m sure your guests will be all over these fun, festive beaded skewers. Easy to make, and can be customized with endless color palettes to match your backyard BBQ theme.


10. DIY Watermelon…Steak?

Seared Ahi Tuna…just kidding. It’s watermelon steak! Your vegetarian guests are sure to rejoice over this killer dish! Who would have thought you could have a steak without some meat? It’s super cool, perfect to pair with any savory dish!


11. Atomic Buffalo Turd With Pineapple

Okay, the name sounds gross. But this atomic buffalo turd with pineapple is surely a bacon lover’s dream. Easy to prepare and made ahead, giving you much needed time to get ready.


12. How To Make A BBQ Sauce Holder Out Of A Jack Daniels Bottle

Okay, so we have to admit, this Jack Daniels BBQ sauce holder freaking rocks! I mean…it’s really making us think that you can make anything out of liquor bottles.


13. How To Make Chip Cup Holders

These rustic chip cup holders are the perfect idea for a summer backyard BBQ party. If the kids are around – these won’t last long! So, be ready and have a lot of extras to spare.


Does your BBQ area need a little makeover? Get helpful tips on this video from Great Home Ideas: 

Ready now to become the host of the summertime backyard bbq party? I hope you’ll have an easy time with the help of these backyard BBQ ideas. So what are you waiting for? Steal these easy, fun tips for your next outdoor affair!

Did you enjoy taking a peep at our recipes and craft projects? Which one will you try at your next backyard BBQ? Let us know in the comments section below. 

Want a smoker grill for your BBQ party? Check out these DIY smoker grill ideas. These are all inexpensive ideas, promise!


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Editor’s Note – This post was originally published in June 2014 and has been updated for quality and relevancy.


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