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15 Fascinating Dream Catcher Tutorials | DIY Projects

Want to know how you can make a dream catcher? Whether you believe in the ability of dream catchers to catch your bad dreams or not, these fun, easy and beautiful creations make for a great next DIY project. So take your pick from this list, gather some supplies and let's get started. Hang your creation on your headboard and have the best dream-filled sleep of your life.

15 Fascinating Dream Catcher Tutorials

What is a dream catcher? In short, it's a Native American tradition that is absolutely fascinating and beautiful and has been around for generations. Dream Catchers are intended to protect people who are sleeping from bad dreams while still letting the good dreams come through. According to tradition,  good dreams go through the hole in the center of the dream catcher and then glide down the feathers to the person sleeping below.

This, of course, is why people say that dream catchers should always hang over your bed. It is said that the bad dreams get caught up in the web during the night and once the sun rises and shines on the dream catcher, they get destroyed.

So if you would like to stop your bad dreams every time you go to sleep, or simply create a beautiful decoration based in a fascinating culture, check out this list to find out which dreamcatcher you'd like to try.


1.  White Doily and Lace Dream Catcher

It is a traditional belief that dream catchers can help removed all bad dreams and spirits, let only the good dreams and positive thoughts enter our mind with this lovely lace dream catcher. See tutorial here.

2. DIY Yin Yang Dream Catcher

This dream catcher is a fascinating display of cross culture creativity. See tutorial here.

3. Cool Dream Catcher Made from an Old CD

A bit more on the modern side? This option is perfect for a modern techy dreamer. See how it's done here.

4.  DIY Blue Feather and Bead Dream Catcher

Try out this colorful and beautiful dream catcher! See how it’s done here.

5. DIY Vintage Dream Catcher

If you're into the shabby chic look, this tutorial could be the key to a perfectly unique addition to your decor. See video tutorial here.



6. Amazing Dream Catcher Lamp

Push away bad spirits and dreams with this traditional Native American craft, while adding illuminated ambiance to your room. See tutorial here.

7. Pretty Homemade Dream Catcher

Beautifully colored dream catcher that shows warmth and charm. See how it's done here.

8.  DIY Beautiful Peacock Dream Catcher

There are no rules here. Want more than one dream catcher connected? Created a tiered dream catcher and add unique and colorful feathers to finish off the look. See how it’s done here.

9.  DIY Heart of Hope Dream Catcher

So cute! A perfect project for your kid to keep bad dreams away while decorating their room to fit their taste! See tutorial here.

10. DIY Large Black and Blue Dream Catcher

This beautiful dream catcher design is a display that can add to your own sense of creativity. You're also welcome to change out the colored beads with your favorites! See how it's done here.

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11. DIY Dream Catcher Lamp

Are you an expert DIYer? Are you ready to take on the next dream catching challenge? Test your skills and try out this lamp! Check it out here.

12. DIY Butterfly Dream Catcher

There's no reason to stay limited to the traditional dream catchers here! Feel free to add your own pizazz like this butterfly above.  See how it’s done here.

13. DIY Cute Dream Catcher

Take a simple design and make it pop with colorful string. This gives your creation a little something extra without deviating too much from the traditional design. See tutorial here.

14. DIY Crystal Dream Catcher

Why not add a little something extra to your dream catcher? You can personalize the materials you use like incorporating a crystal like the dream catcher above. See tutorial here.

15. Free Pattern Handmade Dream Catchers

If you're not into following the rules and want to try something totally unique and different, give these colorful creations a try! See how it's done here.


Let's check out this video tutorial for How to Make a Dreamcatcher by Sea Lemon

. Learn and Enjoy!

Did you enjoy our list of fascinating dream catcher tutorials? Let us know in the comments section below!

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