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21 Space-Saving Ideas For Your Studio Apartments

Feeling a bit low on space in your studio apartment? Then this post is for you! Below are amazing space-saving ideas for studio apartments that you'll absolutely love!

I personally think that living in a studio apartment has its pros and cons. For one, less space, less cleaning = more happiness! I've seen this in the life of my cousin who lives in a studio apartment two blocks away from home. She loves the idea of having way less steps to take to get to her coffee in the mornings. But if you have a lot of stuff and decide to live in a tiny apartment, you'd need a lot of compromising. You'll most likely have to do a major de-cluttering. But there are actually solutions for that! Make your small place work with these space-saving ideas for studio apartments!

21 Space-Saving Ideas For Your Studio Apartments

For many people, renting a studio apartment is an excellent solution especially if you live alone, or just starting a family. In fact, I could tell you a brief story before I met my husband. I fell in love with Vancouver, Canada after the cross cultural project that my university initiated. Before the outreach program was over, I knew in my heart that I'd be coming back.

So, I went back after graduation hoping to start a career in project management. Obviously, I rented a tiny studio apartment. T'was really a huge adjustment. I lived in a room where I had my bed in the very living room of the apartment plus my kitchen was just 10 steps away from my bed.

The first 3 weeks were really a struggle. But after that, I managed to create tiny rooms in my studio. No kidding! The tiny rooms had invisible walls of course. =) I didn't only make a good layout in that tiny studio, but I was able to control the clutter too. At that time, I made the impossible things possible. I only needed to maximize every corner and every available space in my apartment.

Today, there are storage solutions for tiny spaces that are smart and modern. You can get a lot of inspiration and ideas online. In fact, your next step to living that American dream could start right here. Check out these space-saving ideas for studio apartments below!

1. Sofa Bunk Bed

Wanna own a couch but afraid that it might take up most of the space? Sofa bunk beds are great space-savers for tiny apartments. This convertible couch can comfortably accommodate children or adults. And it can also turn a living area into a guest room with only one transformation.

2. Chairs and Tables that Fit into a Shelf

If you have Orla Reynolds' brilliant shelf, you will have four chairs and two dining tables conveniently ready to be pulled out of a shelf anytime. I absolutely love products like these that are not only functional, but multi-purpose. So, do you think it's about time you level up your dining table?

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3. Window Blind Folds Out Into Laundry Rack

Finding a good area to wash clothes in a studio apartment can be challenging. It's even worse when finding a space to hang and dry your clothes. This blindry (window blind + laundry rack) is designed to accommodate a laundry drying rack. Yes, there's technology called a drying machine, but why use electricity when you can save it?

4. Murphy Bed

Murphy beds have been around for years. This space-saving piece of furniture can also double as comfortable sofas, tables, or shelving systems by day. And it can seamlessly transform into a comfortable bed at night. This is definitely perfect for people living in a small space.

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5. Convertible Sofa

We just can't get enough of convertible furniture! This convertible sofa can easily transform into a dining table and chairs. So if you loving having dinner the Japanese-style, you might want to invest in one of these!

6. Ironing Board/Mirror

This ironing board turns into a functional mirror when you flip it over! We definitely need this in our lives! Great space-saving idea. I would absolutely love to have one.

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7. Fold-up Picture Table

Here's a great dual-purpose idea for that big picture frame on your wall! This is a brilliant idea for whenever you need an extra table and somewhere to go when you don't.

8. Over- the-sink Cutting Board

A small apartment almost always means small kitchen prep space. This design assures homeowners that even the smallest kitchen has room to stretch. This great concept also features a colander perfect for storing cut veggies and rinsing it right away.

9. Window Bar Table

If your kitchen space can't fit a dining table, consider creating your own little café corner where you can sip coffee or dine by building a window bar table. Love this!

10. Under-the-sink Trash Bags

Much-needed space can be found under your kitchen sink! All you need to do is mount some short dowels on brackets under the sink and hang trash bags for easy access and convenience.

11. Over-the-faucet Shelf

Living in a studio apartment, you can never have too much shelving. I'm starting to believe that you can fit a shelf anywhere! Even that dead space over your faucet can provide extra counter space.

12. Floating Vanity Shelves

Small counters or limited drawer space seem to be a common problem in small bathrooms. Take advantage of that vertical space and install floating vanity shelves for the items you use often.

13. Tank Top Holder

If you own a lot of tank tops, then you know just how many hangers and how much wall space they require! You can actually store those bad boys all in one hanger, like this one!

14. Over-the-cabinet Garbage Bin

Do not stress over limited space! Just place this basket over a cabinet door in the bathroom or in the kitchen. This is a perfect handy solution!

15. Curtain Separation

This is a smart solution for homeowners living in a studio apartment. Separate the living area from the bed using a curtain. Clever, right?

16. Pull-down Desk

If you're more of a crafty person living in a studio apartment, this pull-down desk is perfect for you! I am totally digging this idea of a desk. This will also be good for the kids' crafting area.

17. Wall Storage

You can't let any wall space go unused when you live in a tiny apartment. For an easy and lightweight idea, you might want to consider baskets instead of traditional shelving.

18. Under Bed Space

Using that extra space under your bed is a no-brainer, but consider making your own rolling bed drawers by putting casters on plastic bins Store items like towels, sheets, or winter clothing.

19. Above-the-door shelf

Make a tiny bathroom work by putting a shelf up above the door. This can also be a great idea for storing guest towels away from your kids' reach.

20. Bedside Corner Shelf

If you want to have an extra touch of style to your place, like a nightstand, but don't actually have enough space, a small corner shelf is a prime spot to put a lamp, store a few books, and charge your phone.

21. Space-saving knife set

Just imagine how much space you will be saving in the kitchen. Each knife in this set fits inside the next, so it technically only takes up the space of a single knife.

Get more ideas from Gina Gaus and check out how she maximizes space in a studio apartment!

Now you're all set to live in your studio apartment in full convenience! Give these ideas a try and tell us how it went in the comments section down below!

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