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Cheap DIY Jewelry Projects for Girls

Looking for cheap DIY jewelry projects? If you need some DIY projects that your girls will love, this list will help you out. Make DIY jewelry from upcycled materials that still looks amazing!

22 Cheap DIY Jewelry Projects for Girls

Cheap DIY Jewelry Projects for Girls

Many may be wondering how to make jewelry. It’s really not that hard. If you just want something girls can spend time on making and sharing with their friends, you don’t really have to spend a lot.

My daughter was planning a sleepover with her friends and being the great mom that I am ;), I thought it would be a good idea to have them make some DIY jewelry. It was an instant hit! They had a great time that night and even have some souvenirs when they went home. So if you’re looking for some budget-friendly craft projects any girl will love, continue reading on!


Cheap DIY Jewelry Projects for Girls | DIY Jewelry

1. Pop Can Tabs Bracelet

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This doesn’t have a tutorial but it seems pretty straight forward. Just take some pop can tabs and some ribbon and slide it inside the holes making a chain. Make it in any color you want.


2. Rainbow Pompom Necklace

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Know how to make pompoms? It’s super easy and you can make it in different colors like this rainbow pompom. All you need is some yarn. Get the tutorial here.


3. DIY Summer Bracelet

It’s so wonderful what great things you can do with some glue. Just check out this easy to make DIY summer bracelet here.


4. Lego Friendship Bracelet

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Ever bonded over lego? Kids may need to ask a grownup to drill the holes but otherwise, this is super easy to make. Check the instructions here.


5. DIY Bottle Necklaces

Want to keep some small (really small) trinket close to you? Make this DIY necklace and put what you value most in it. Get the steps here.

Or watch a tutorial here on Louise Fowler’s youtube!



6. Button Rings

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I have to admit, even I fancy some cute and stylish buttons. Here’s your chance to turn it into a cool DIY ring. Just grab some buttons and elastic cord. See it here.


7. DIY Felt Ball Necklace

So you now know how to make felt balls, why not try turning them into personalized necklaces? They’ll be so cute! Check it out here.



8. DIY Popsicle Stick Bracelets

Little girls may need to ask a little help but this sure is one cheap and cute DIY bracelet project. Get the tutorial here.


9. Easy DIY Glitter Bracelets

Kids love everything that glitters that’s why this DIY bracelet is just the perfect thing. See how here.


10. DIY Popsicle Earrings

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Complete your set of popsicle jewelry with this cute and easy to make DIY earrings. Get the steps here.


11. DIY Hama Perler Beads

Kids will love this colorful DIY jewelry project. Have fun stringing them to make DIY necklaces and bracelets. See it here.


12. Easter Egg Candy Necklace

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Still have some leftover plastic eggs from last Easter? Make some holes and string them into a colorful DIY necklace! See how here.


13. Finger Knitting Necklaces

Learn the art of finger knitting and make these colorful necklaces! Get the tutorial here.


14. DIY Upcycled Heart Charm

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Can you believe these heart charms were made of empty cereal boxes? Find out how here.


15. DIY Mermaid Earrings

Ever dreamed of becoming a mermaid? Now you’re just a few tail-wags closer with these beautiful, mesmerizing, and easy to make DIY earrings. Get the instructions here.

This craft was made by the fabulous Momma at – Click through to check out all her other wonderful kids craft ideas!


16. DIY Perfume Bottle Necklace

Know those sample perfume bottles? Here’s a great repurposing idea! Check it out here.


17. Painted Macaroni Necklaces

Kids just love macaroni crafts. Why not have the girls make their DIY necklace with their own design. See how here.


18. Super Easy DIY Bead Bracelet

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Nothing fancy, just a lot of beads and some string. Get the steps here.


19. DIY Paper Beads

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You’ll have more reasons to eat your morning cereal with this paper craft project. Make your own beads! Get the tutorial here.


20. 15-Minute Color Block Necklace

Any girl would have an amazing time coloring these blocks. Get the instructions here.


21. DIY Tassel Necklace

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Everyone love tassels so why not make it a necklace? Check it out here.


22. Candy Bracelets

I’m sure any girl will love to make this sweet and easy candy bracelet. Just hope they make one before they eat everything. See it here.


Got time for one more? Check this video tutorial from Vanessa Crafts & Arts:


Which DIY jewelry are you going to make with the girls? Let us know below in the comments!

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