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10 Cool & Easy DIY Jewelry Ideas | DIY Accessories

These easy DIY jewelery ideas will keep you on the edge of fashion and won't break the bank.


DIY Accessories| Cool DIY Jewelry

Looking for a craft that will test your creativity and requires patience and meticulous care? Why not make your own jewelry?

Wearing jewelry can make you look hip, even when worn on a plain shirt. It shows your personality and love for fashion. Read more to discover cool and fun ideas on how to glam up your look with simple-but-rocking easy DIY jewelry ideas.

Looking to make some awesome DIY jewelry? Why not try this Jewelry Stamping Kit? It has all the things that you need to get started.

DIY Jewelry Maker Kit

This kit makes jewelry branding a breeze, allowing DIY’ers to make their mark on their favorite pieces of jewelry.


Cool DIY Jewelry Ideas

1. Suede and Chain Woven Bracelet

Look at the gorgeous chain woven friendship bracelets! Follow the tutorial here.

2. DIY Washer Necklace

Upcycle those leftover washers from your garage, and create this fancy-looking but low-costing washer necklace. Find the details here.


3. DIY Ear Cuff

Neat and elegant! I love how those stones shine! Find the tutorial here.


4. Tassel Bracelet

Tassels are highly versatile and can be used for awesome projects — like  this one. See the details here.


5. Bobby Pin Earrings

They will never get lost again. 😀 Check the cool tutorial here.


6. Paper Earrings

Why throw away scratch paper when you can upcycle it into these wondrous butterfly earrings? Details are here.


7. DIY Photo Pendant

I fell in love with these DIY pendants. Perfect gift for the special people in your life. Find out how this is done here.


8. Cracked Marble Jewelry

Wonder what you can do with bunch of old marbles? You have to check this ou.


9. T-shirt Jewelry

Grab an old shirt (or two) and create a one-of-a-kind accessory. Find the tutorial and more ideas here.


10. Coin Ring

If you think old pennies are just for a wishing well, you're wrong! They make great rings. Follow the tutorial here.



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