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How To Make A Guitar String Ring | DIY Projects

A guitar string ring that’s easy enough for any beginner to make but amazing enough to impress even the most hardened DIY veterans.

Truly heartfelt gifts are what solidify relationships and nothing shows you love someone more than what you make with your own hands, whether it’s through homemade recipes or DIY projects. While it may seem daunting to make something impressive (especially if it isn’t your forte), it’s not as difficult as you would think—as long as you go into it with a little determination and some patience. If you want to start off with something small, you need to check out this DIY guitar string ring from Instructables’ user MartyK1. Not only does it make the perfect gift for that special someone, it’s a great first step into the DIY community.

How To Make A Guitar String Ring | DIY Projects

What you’ll need:

  • Guitar string, nickel wound type (.024 or .026 work best)
  • A rod, pipe or dowel close to the size of your finger
  • Masking tape, electrical tape, wire, rubber bands, or anything else to secure the string to the dowel
  • Super glue
  • Needle and heavy thread
  • Wire cutter
  • Knife or scissors

Step 1: Learn How To Tie A Spanish Ring Knot

Before we get into making the ring, you need to learn how to tie a Spanish ring knot. It’s not a particularly difficult knot to tie, but it will take a little bit of practice. We’ve embedded a simple video below, from Paracord Guild, that teaches you the Spanish ring knot. You can also check out their step-by-step photo tutorial.

Step 2: Secure Guitar String

Now that your knot-tying skills are on point, it’s time to get started on the ring. First you’ll need to secure the end of the string with the metal ring to the dowel. Use tape, rubber bands or a piece of wire (like in the image below) to do this.


Step 3: Start Spanish Tie Knot

Begin the first 3 wraps of the Spanish ring knot just like in the video, then tighten the knot very carefully without bending the wire too much.

Continue until you’ve got a doubled Spanish ring knot.

Step 4: Cut & Glue

Once your ring is finished, cut the long ends of the string with your wire cutters.

Make sure the two ends of the string overlap inside of the ring.

Use a thread and needle to wrap both ends of the string with another pair and drench the thread in super glue. Let it sit for a bit and then remove the thread with scissors.


Your Finished Guitar String Ring!

Did you enjoy our DIY Guitar String Ring Tutorial? Let us know in the comments section below!

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  1. Love this idea! I just started playing, and want to show off my new skills – what a lovely & subtle introduction 🙂 Doubly, I love knots! I know a few from a recent interest in sailing that got started last year. This is my first decorative knot to learn, and I’m loving it!

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