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10 Slow Cooker Dessert Recipes You Need to Try

These Slow Cooker Dessert Recipes will get your mouth watering from a mile away.  Most people don't think of using a slow cooker to make dessert. However, your slow cooker makes it ultra easy to warm up with cozy desserts like your favorite fruit pies and cobblers, decadent chocolate cake, creme brulee and other slow cooker dessert recipes. Throw in your ingredients in the …Continue Reading

President’s Day Crafts for Kids

Check out these 11 President's Day crafts that are fun for the whole family. Bonus: they're also a great way to teach your kids about American history. Did you know President's Day is actually an unofficial nickname for a Federal holiday called Washington's Birthday by the U.S. government? That's right! George Washington, the first President of the United States, was …Continue Reading

‘Puppy Monkey Baby’ DIY Halloween Costume Tips

If you tuned in to Super Bowl 50 last Sunday like millions of other Americans, you probably caught the Mountain Dew commercial featuring a bizarre new creature: Puppy Monkey Baby. Puppy Monkey Baby DIY Costume With the face of a pug, the torso of a monkey and the diaper and waddling gait of a baby, the little guy/thing elicited an array of emotions from viewers: intrigue, …Continue Reading

How to Make a DIY Whiteboard

Want to learn how to make a DIY whiteboard? Check out our super simple tutorial. Are you always forgetting things -- what you need to pick up from the store, whose birthday is coming up, etc.? I sure am. That's why I decided to put together a DIY whiteboard and start writing everything down! It's a really easy project to DIY and saves you lots of money (and did I mention …Continue Reading

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