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Weird DIY Christmas Gifts for Friends [VIDEO]

Wondering what gifts you should make for your friends this Christmas? Don't panic! Take a peek at these 5 weird DIY Christmas gifts that will surely make them smile! Sometimes the best gifts are the ones that will make your receivers laugh. After all, the Christmas season is about laughter and good times. So, roll up your sleeves and give these DIY Christmas gifts a …Continue Reading

Poll: What Are You Most Excited About This Thanksgiving?

Hi y'all! Turkey Day is creeping up on us fast. We at DIY Projects want to know: What are you most excited about this Thanksgiving? Is it a big ol' roasted turkey, carb-o-liscious side dishes, quality time with the family, a few extra precious hours of sleep? Answer our poll and let's find out what the crafty DIY Projects community is most looking forward to on Nov. …Continue Reading

22 Leather Crafts | Create Your Own Durable DIY Accessories

Leather crafts are some of the coolest DIY crafts ever. There are many reasons why you should try using leather in making your DIY crafts. There are few materials that have stood the test of time and have remained stylish in appearance, versatile in design and durable in use. Give a few of these a try and you'll be incredibly happy that you've discovered this list of the best …Continue Reading

Celebrate Sweetest Day With These 10 DIY Gift Ideas

Celebrate Sweetest Day With These DIY Gift Ideas Now, as we all know, every day is a good day to show appreciation for the loved ones in your life. But every now and again, having an impromptu day dedicated to letting people know how much they mean to you can be a welcome reminder! This means Sweetest Day! This holiday is just in time for halloween and football season, so …Continue Reading

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