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9 Great DIY Gifts For Dad Who Wants Nothing This Father’s Day

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Father’s Day is just around the corner, and you’re probably wondering what to give the man of the house. If your google search box says “gifts for dad who wants nothing,” or “gift ideas for dad,” then you’ve come to the right place.

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Looking for Gifts for Dad Who Wants Nothing? Look No Further!

Thinking of a Gift for Dad

Dads are usually difficult to give presents to because most of them are so non-materialistic that they don’t even want any gifts at all. You can go the safe route with giving him a tie, an apron, or even his favorite snacks, and your dad will surely appreciate it, but why not go the extra mile this year and give him some personalized gifts?

After all, you need to stay home as much as possible nowadays, and most specialty stores are closed anyway. So, just bring out your nifty hat and create some DIY Father’s Day gifts for your favorite man!

1. DIY Keychain

This genius DIY keychain idea is one that you can create with your little ones. All you need are some extra washers, colored paper and pens, and mod podge!

  • Simply write a short message on a piece of colored paper and stick it onto a washer.
  • Seal it all with a 3D mod podge, and you’ve got yourself a DIY present for dad.

Writing personalized messages and including them in your present are great gifts for dad who wants nothing.

2. Personalized Apron


There are many Father’s Day DIY gift ideas you can find online, but nothing quite tops the ones that you can make with your kids.

This customized apron is great for Dads who love to be in the kitchen or is the man when it comes to grilling. Simply use a fabric pen and decorate a plain apron with whatever message you want to put as a show of appreciation to the man of the house.

Kids can dip their hands in paint and do some finger painting of characters that they think best represents their dad, or they can try to draw their dad’s face! It won’t look like him, but it’s the thought that counts.

Their dad would surely appreciate the thought and effort that went behind this personalized Father’s Day gift.

3. Personalized Snack Jars

[instagram url= hidecaption=true width=800]

For fathers who like to snack, this personalized and inexpensive snack jar is perfect. Simply write heartfelt messages on a colored piece of paper and wrap it around an empty glass jar.

Once you’re happy with the look, fill the jar with Dad’s favorite bite-sized snacks, and there you have it. Not only will the recipient appreciate the kind gesture, but it will surely be something that he will eat!

4. Customized Woodworks Tools

[instagram url= hidecaption=true width=800]

This is one of the perfect gifts for dad who wants nothing but loves carpentry. If he owns a wood-burning tip, which he probably does, you can borrow it for a while and use it to engrave a sweet message on the wooden handle of a new hammer.

You can make it extra special by having your kids write directly onto the wooden handle using markers, then engrave it yourself while following their writing as your guide.

That way, their dad can carry a piece of them even when he’s busy doing carpentry projects. Talk about a perfect addition to his tool box!

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5. Recycled Tie Eyeglass Case


For dads always on their laptops, this DIY eyeglass case is perfect. It makes use of an extra tie that he probably never uses anymore because he just has too much of it.

For this DIY:

  • You only need to fold an old tie in half and sew it in place.
  • Add a closure for the flap, and there you have it! A recycled eyeglass case that he’ll surely appreciate!

6. DIY Shaving Kits

[instagram url= hidecaption=true width=800]

Here’s another useful gift for all dads out there–a DIY shaving kit. A complete kit that contains everything they need for shaving.

They probably don’t know it, but they need to take care of their face more than they do. Other than shaving cream, they need to use an aftershave to prevent ingrown hairs that are always such a hassle.

More than that, it’s important to use ingredients that are safe on the skin and help with naturally reducing inflammation that can be caused by shaving.

This DIY shaving kit uses essential oils and ingredients that work together to help maintain a groomed face naturally and in the safest way possible. The recipient will surely appreciate the thought and effort that you put into this handmade gift.

7. DIY Mouse Pad


Another awesome gift option for dads who are always on their computer screens is this customized mouse pad. You can choose a thin piece of wood or a corkboard and cut it however shape and size you think the recipient would appreciate.

A wood-burning tool is used to engrave your personalized text, and wood stain adds that finished look to it. With this DIY gift, your dad or your husband will surely think you had it made by a professional!

8. DIY Flask


This is such an easy project that falls under the category of great gifts for dad who wants nothing. All you need is a normal metal flask, some contact paper with a wood grain print, and a paint marker!

This super easy how-to basically just uses ready-made contact paper with a wood grain print.

  • Measure out the height and the circumference of your plain metal flask.
  • Cut your contact paper according to the dimensions.
  • Stick it around your flask carefully using pressure to prevent air bubbles.
  • Write your dad or husband’s name, and that’s it!

If you can’t find contact paper that has a wood grain print, you can print one yourself on a piece of plain contact paper.

9. Customized Toilet Paper


That’s right, TOILET PAPER. A practical, inexpensive, useful, and extremely funny gift that your dad or your husband will surely love.

With the recent toilet paper hoarding situation, this is a very timely gift. Personalize it and provide comic relief with funny messages written on the packaging.

Tie it all neatly with a bow, and you’ve got yourself a great Father’s Day gift.

While it may seem difficult to think of gifts for dad who wants nothing, going the DIY route is always a great idea.

Not only is it inexpensive, but it makes for a more thoughtful and heartfelt gift because of the fact that you put more effort into making it.

We hope this list has helped you inspire to create your own Father’s Day gift. Now go out there and make your dad proud!

Do you have questions or suggestions about making DIY gifts for dad who wants nothing? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below!


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