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16 DIY Bird Feeder Ideas

Lately, I've been really into bird watching. I'm no pro and I don't belong to the Audubon Society; I just love seeing birds flying, perched in trees, diligently making nests, etc.That's why I decided to make a DIY bird feeder -- to attract beautiful birds to my very own backyard. I'm still experimenting with different DIY bird feeder designs because there are so many pretty …Continue Reading

How to Bake Cookies Using the Scientific Method

Did you know that baking is a science? That's right! The chewiness, size and taste are all the result of chemical reactions. In this video, we go on a tasty learning adventure with a cookie scientist. The focus of the experiment? BUTTER!! Like This? You’ll Also Like... 46 Awesome Baking Hacks 15 Favorite DIY Christmas Cookies | Best Christmas Cookie Recipes Top …Continue Reading

DIY Lava Lamp | DIY Tutorials

Want to make your own DIY lava lamp? Groovy! We've got 7 ideas that will get your creative juices flowing.  How to Make a DIY Lava Lamp The lava lamp has a somewhat stodgy origin story -- it was invented by a British accountant in the early '60s. But it's come to symbolize the hippie movement and all that's groovy and far out. The lava lamp is more about creating a …Continue Reading

9 Free Printable Valentines Day Cards

Looking for free printable Valentines Day cards? We've got 9 absolutely adorable -- totally free -- printable cards.  It’s hard to believe, but Valentine’s Day is already just around the corner! What? Didn’t we just get the last remnants of the Christmas décor back in the attic a few days ago? Hmph. Time sure has a way of flying by! So to help you save some time when …Continue Reading

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